Runner’s Maintenance

Runner’s maintenance refers to maintenancing yourself to keep all muscles, tendons & bones operating smoothly.  So, as a runner you can run and train hard to hit your goals at races. Chiropractors are key for runner’s maintenance.  Dr. Feder at Comprehensive Chiropractic, has definitely helped me keep up the quality and quantity of my training over the past year, without him I wouldn’t be able to put in the volume of training week in and week out, and remain injury free.  He believes in keeping athletes moving in their sport, and does not give you the “Take 2 weeks off,” advice. His philosophy is to prevent and treat the injury and have his treatment make it better.  I came in once for an Achilles tendon flair up, and within 3 visits the pain was gone! All the while I didn’t have to cut back on any training.   You may think I don’t need any adjustments, I am hesitant, I don’t have any problems right now.  The key is not right now you don’t have a problem, but you need to take restorative & preventative steps in running to be your best.   Dr. Feder offers much more then just the traditional back adjustments.  Dr. Feder offers graston, which is a special metal bar tool he rolls along your muscles, to release tension or deep tissue knots in muscles.  I call it rolling the muscles out like cookie dough!  Afterwards I feel fresh and new! Jackie and I are firm believers in preventative measures in running aka maintenancing yourself! If you don’t you can expect to end up sidelined with injuries, knots that won’t go away, and decrease in performance.  If you expect to push your body to the limits while trying to hit PRS or training for an upcoming marathon, you need to expect on taking care of it by visiting a chiropractor. Think of it as an oil change for yourself!  After a while the sludge needs to be worked out, and revamped!  You wouldn’t think of skipping an oil change on  your car would you?

Take Care Athletes!



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