Memphis Marathon Pre-race week Recap & Post-Recap

Pre-Blurbs by Day leading up to…. Memphis Marathon …By: Lisa Lewis Cary

Main theme of the week is I got extremely hungry leading up to race, most likely due to cut back in training and body trying to refuel and rebuild when it has a chance and cut in activity.  This, “extreme hunger,” has happened a few times when going through a taper period.  To all those who have also dealt with this, “Hunger Runner Games,” you are not the only one!

Week 1 (2 weeks out): I feel like my body is hibernating like a BIG fat bear and storing up excess fat for winter and knows that a big effort race is coming.  So, annoying.   I guess that happens when you start cutting back on training, after putting in solid work/training…?

Week 2:

Monday – Tempo run in AM feel normal.

Tuesday – I feel VERY tired.  I look tired. I wake up naturally FUSSY.  I drink caffeine.  Puzzling, since I got  8 hrs of sleep. Throughout the day at work, I feel irritated, agitated, and hungry like a beast.  FEROCIOUSLY hungry.  I come home from work and eat two 1/3 pound burgers, chips, salad, & finish two bowls of icecream.  I take an iron pill, wow magically after eating like a beast I feel, “Normal.” And my mind feels happier lol. : )  You might think, ok I just need to snack all day.  I already snack every few hours on fruit, carbs etc.  too! ha!

Wednesday-  I feel “normal” and don’t feel too tired from the cumulative effect of, “marathon”(my marathon aka base) training and  I don’t feel fussy. Hopefully my taper kicks in soon.  Thus far not crazy hungry, must have been all the meat I ate yesterday that makes me feel ok or body was low on fat.    Man, “ it’s” (my body) is high maintenance lol.  Mind of it’s own.  Thank goodness that mind, body rage of a war, is over. But oh wait a sec..It’s not over !  Lunch time I was caught again with lots of hunger ate my lunch plus addition of pizza brought in for the office.

Thursday – Travel to Memphis with Tim, do a shake out run on treadmill at hotel after we visited the expo and got my packet and #.  Tim and I hit Beale street to have some fun and get some dinner.  I was still hungry after my “first,” dinner at, “Pork with an Attitude.”  Great BBQ!  WE head over to this place called , “Flying Fish,” our favorite find of places to eat by Beale Street.  Highly recommend going to the, “Flying Fish,” if ever in Memphis!  I get Shrimp kabobs with rice.  Now, I’m finally full!  Got to fuel the fire and eat the big meal today instead of tomorrow night!

Friday- Slept in, got a shake out easy run.  Legs didn’t feel good until last 5 mins of run.  I was going to go for 2nd easy 10-15 minute run but I could tell my legs felt fine so I turned back in to hotel and didn’t run, and Tim and I eat dinner.  My meal was a light dinner, rice and chicken.  Tim headed back to Flying Fish.  Night, night and in bed by 10.

Saturday: Race Day!  I make my way to the elite room where I see my fellow Fleet Feet running pal, Amy Marxkors.  We chat and walk over to the line together, she also did a talk at the expo for her book, the “Lola Papers,” which I have just started and I love thus far it is all about marathon misadventures which we all can relate to ; ) Ok, so my race plan was to just run or start with the Fleet Feet Memphis 3:05 pacer, “Feb,” for at least 13 miles and see how I felt.  Since I was granted an , “elite,” entry I could of started on the front line, and the race went out in 2 minutes waves.  I opted not to do that since I am so new to marathoning and, since my goal was to practice pacing and run with the 3:05 leader.  I also would of been too tempted or easy to get caught up going out too fast.  Just a week ago at the turkey trot, I had no sense of pace what so ever, I came through the mile in about 5:10 which I definitely didn’t need to have happen in a marathon! I also like to run by feel, and don’t like to , “monitor,” my run speeds on easy days with Garmins. …I enoy running , and don’t want to force or be a slave to the watch.  Easy days are meant to go easy, and I let my body decide that speed.  It could be 7 min miles, it could be 9 min miles, it doesn’t matter the point is to recover enough to have juice to go all out on hard days, which I do… I only time track workouts and most of the time don’t want to know my times until I am done. .. Anyway, I am glad I lined up with the 2nd corrall and the miles clicked by quick for first 13 chatting with the 3:05 pacer and new 3:05 pacing pals.  I felt great and very easy all the way up till 13, when the temps were climbing outside nearing almost 70 degrees.  I hung with Feb, who by the way was awesome!  He is an avid Ultramarathoner!  He was very funny and good pacer! We came through the half at 1:32-33.  I  hung with Feb until 17, when my legs got hit by bricks at that point, all of the sudden.  I managed to keep plugging away, and keep stomach queaziness to a very minimum ( still need to figure the exact ratio of gatorade/water/ and GU) but I did much better with my own squeezy bottles that was a condensed Perpetuem/Water mix I did take 2 GU’s one at mile 7 and one at 16.  Mile by mile I just kept the legs moving at that point, I saw many people walking and not looking so great I think due to the temps.  I was going to attempt to pick up the pace or “push” around 23, but that didn’t happen!  The best I could do was keep moving forward in my shuffle.  Last mile I felt like I got hit again with new bricks, and was willing my body to the finish.  I didn’t walk ! And was able to finish my 3rd marathon in a 14 minute PR of 3:11.  Finishing 7th Female Overall, and 49th including men.  Overall, I was happy with my race because I held back and focused on my pace, and my race for over half of the race distance, just like Coach Cary and I had planned.  Weather was not ideal, but still had a great race for this mid-distance runner!  Running long is very new to me, but have found myself enjoying not only the training but the marathon race itself!  I enjoyed the flow of the Memphis course and the rolling hills, in that it helped use different muscle groups.

Congrats to all who finished that beast in the heat as well! Until next time! Another lesson learned, and another marathon under my belt!

Happy Running & Happy Holidays!


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