Go for your Gold

Go for your Gold…

I am in the midst of training, training to go for the Olympic Trials Standard in the 10k.  How did I get to this point?  It was a long and winding path, with many twists and turns, many ups, and downs.  How did I choose this event to go for the Olympic Trials even?  When I was a college track athlete, my event was the 3000 & 3000 meter steeple?  How did I choose the 10k over triathlon, which I used to compete nationally at just 3 years ago? 

Several years ago, I was just out of college trying to figure out what and how to still race competitively in something, whether it be running or triathlon.  I just loved the thrill of racing.  I decided, since my background was in running, and also a very strong swimmer to venture into something new after college running…Triathlon.   I focused in my training in being the best triathlete I could be.  I won lots of races, I placed well in national level competitions, but in training I didn’t like cutting time away from running, to bike or swim, I wanted to run more.  I liked triathlon, but I think I loved running more.    I had to choose one or the other to focus on, if I wanted to be anywhere close in going to the Olympic trials in either.  My times were improving in running significantly and that was in the midst of triathlon training, which involved lots of biking, swimming, and lifting.  I thought to myself, “I really enjoy running the most.  I wonder what I could do if I just focused in on running solely, with my new coach…Post collegiately.”

So, that is what I did…I had no idea I could even enter into track races after college, my Coach (now husband) was like , “We can sign you up for Mizzou 3k if you would like, for fun? “  Me, “WE CAN?!”  I was very nervous but was also excited, since I loved to race on the track.  I raced.  I PR’d.  I loved the track, again.  Especially, since I got to create my own uniform and pick my own colors. Ha! ; )

3 years later, I am 100% focused in on running.  Through training we realized my strength is more in the longer events, thus coming to the longest distance event on the track… the 10k.  We are about a month away from going for, “My Gold” this year, the gold being to qualify in the Olympic Trials 10k.  There are many key parts that go into play of hitting, the sub 34 time, that I need to run in the trials.  But the first and most important is going for it… 

I remember meeting Janet Evans a long time ago when I was a little kid, she signed an autograph for me and wrote, “Go for your Gold!”  That really stuck with me.  We all have aspirations: some are large goals, some are smaller.  Sometimes, you might wonder what if I don’t accomplish the goal, or “Gold?”  Well, if you don’t get out there and at least try, you will never know.  I think taking that risk, is better than wondering what if?  If I ever question myself on going for my big goals, or think, “Am I crazy?”  I think, “Ya, I am kind of crazy.”  Haha.  I enjoy running, and I enjoy running hard.  I thought back to meeting Janet Evans…  No, it’s not that crazy, she went for her gold, and goals… I am going for, “My Gold,” the Olympic Trials.  Go for your Gold whatever it may be!


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