I  was going on a rant today about minimalism and the paleo (I mean Atkins repackaged) diet and all sorts of other extremes that are such a fad nowadays.  It frustrates me to see so many people being misled by fancy packaging, good taglines, and hype.  The bell curve is the graphical representation of the probability density of normal distribution.  All that means is that we are all very much alike… but also that we are all different.  There is no best diet, best shoe, best way to run, best anything that works for everyone.  We are all different, and therefore shouldn’t be pulled in to thinking that we need to do, wear, eat, train, exactly like someone else.  I’ve been blessed throughout my life to have coached with numerous Hall of Fame coaches.  The one thing I’ve learned from all of them is that everyone’s different.  There are some commonalities that need to be addressed in training, but the percentages, or how to get to them is very much an amorphous thing.  As a coach, I am always learning and growing, because what works for one won’t work for all.  Anyone that boasts or bellows that their way is the only way is most assuredly leading you astray.  We need to be smarter than that.  Remember, everything in running is an experiment of one.  Don’t be fooled in to falling for things that seem extreme.  Like I said, fancy packaging and a good tag line don’t make it right.

– Coach Cary

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