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Being The Best You Can Be

     Dare to be great.  That’s been something I’ve preached for years now.  Be great at something… at anything.  Too often people accept, or worse, strive for mediocrity.  They don’t want to stand out.  Actually, they dream about being exceptional in something, but they don’t want to deal with the work or risk involved in pursuing that end.  Its easier and safer to not be noticed, to blend in, to get by.  We’ve all seen it in coworkers, in friends, in family, in ourselves.  Its the ideal of doing just enough to get by.  We don’t want the attention from being too good or too bad.  There is a safe feeling being the middle of the bell curve.  We don’t have the pressure to excel thrust upon us.

One of our biggest inhibitions to taking that leap of faith to pursue excellence is what if you not only chase a goal of greatness, but attack it with a fervor and fall short?  How will your psyche’ take that blow?  My belief is that you will come through the experience a much more well rounded and stronger individual.  That fear of failure diminishes in the rarified air of self discovery.  You might not be the next Joan Samuelson, Yoyo Ma, or Sir Edmund Hilary, but you will have introduced a much stronger, better you to world… and that is just as precious and valuable.

Take that first step towards excellence.  Pick a goal, make a plan, and attack it without fear.  Be that person, that inspiration, that we all read about and are in awe of in others.  Any hero you may have is just a person like you and I.  The big difference is they weren’t afraid to chase their dream, to face self doubt, to deal with failure, to test their limits.  It is often a long and bumpy road, but well worth the ride.  Now get out there and dare to be great.

– Coach Cary

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