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Jackie Wins Fleet Feet 5 mile!

8 Aug

Jackie Pirtle-Hall wins the Fleet Feet Flat 5 mile race this past weekend.  The race took place in St. Charles, MO finishing on the Katy Trail.  She ran 28:29 for first place female, and 5th overall including men!

Runnababez Racing Recaps

8 Jul

Over the past month a few Runnababez have toed the starting lines around town.  Today Jackie took home the win in the United Way 10k in Fenton, MO running 35:50, on a nice warm summer morning, good enough to place her 2nd overall men included!

A few weeks prior Jackie partook in the Go! All-American 5k, one of the most competitive summer St. Louis 5ks around.  She ran a 16:37 for the win, and also took home a traditional apple pie, along with some prize money!

Over in Peoria, Illinois Lisa Cary raced the Steamboat Classic 4 miler.  A famous road-race that draws elite runners from across the country.  It was a steamy humid day indeed, and Lisa found herself finishing in the top 25, at 18th place female overall. First place finisher was an Olympian for Burundi, Diane Nukuri…Fellow training partner “Runnadude” Fabian Munoz, who currently runs for Coach Cary training for Cross-Country at Lindenwood-Belleville, also placed 18th in the mens side.


Lisa and the top 25 women@ Steamboat Classic



Runnababez Pleased To Announce Sponsorship With Rabbit Apparel!

24 May

Runnababez is pleased and excited to announce it will be sponsored by Rabbit apparel  a company based in  CA, USA for their summer and fall 2017 racing seasons!  Runnababez  motto of , “Fun.Fast. Fabulous!”  is right in line with Rabbit’s motto of compete clean, and, “Born to run free!” WE are excited to race and represent in our new sleek hot pink Rabbit uniforms and run fast!

Thanks Rabbit!


Jackie Wins First Trail Marathon!

22 May

Jackie Pirtle-Hall won her first trail marathon this past weekend at the Berryman Trail Marathon, in Potosi, MO.  She was toeing the line with the race director and announcer saying, “It’s the princess of the roads. Do you know there is mud and creeks in this race?” Little did the race director know that was all it took to light an even bigger fire in, “Mama Badger,” Jackie begun her first trail marathon, trying out her new fueling system backpack and sticking in the pack of lead men.

After, half way however she decided to leave them all. Jackie took the lead, and won first place overall in the race, men included.  She finished with a new course record for women, breaking the previous course record by 14 minutes in a time of 3:32!  Jackie started as, “Princess,” but leaving the trail race as, “King!”

But, wait that’s not all…Jackie followed up on Sunday by racing the Zoo 5k, and winning that in a time of 18:12 a tradition race for her family, that she couldn’t pass up.

Jackie loved the trail running marathon experience, a “birthday gift” to herself, and is looking forward to more trail marathons in her future!  18582078_10154639031112897_6545947082975001483_n-1

Runnababez Welcome Courtney Saullo-McDermott to the Team!

18 May


Courtney Saullo-Mcdermott is a great new addition to the team for 2017~! She is one determined Runnababez!  Courtney is one of the best yoga and fitness coaches in the St. Louis area. A numerous time Boston Marathon qualifier, this year, she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!  Only a few weeks later, she was back training and getting ready to run.  Courtney is now ready to get back on the competitive racing scene with some new running goals! Courtney is a great example of a positive vibe Runnababez lifestyle and always giving it her best everyday!

Runnababez is excited to train and race with Courtney! Courtney is…Fun. Fast. Fabulous!






Lisa Back out of Steeple Retirement!

23 Apr

Lisa said she retired from steeplechase last year after what she thought was a career ending event injury…and somewhat listening to nay sayers saying she is getting too old for track… She jammed her heel bone into her calf bone in her very first steeple of last year in the water pit, just landing weird. She was training towards trying to hitting the Olympic Trials qualifying time in the steeplechase. Her injury however, took three months of repair work with Dr. Feder an amazing chiropractor, that even with all that work, was only able to run easy …and the faster she tried to run, the more it hurt.  Last year did not end on high notes…

Lisa didn’t think about re-entering the event until just now… After crazy life events,  after all that work to try and  qualify for the Olympic Trials last year.  She decided why not, why not come out of retirement in steeple, what did she have to lose?

Today, after mental and physical recovery of trying to push to be the best in the USA, she towed the line in Rolla, MO.  Starting line officials joked with her, “Saying is your husband ok with this?”  “Where have you been?” Lisa: ” Yes! I’m back out of retirement! Yes, everyone should be worried! Ha!”..From the gun, no hurdle training in a year, Lisa led wire to wire.  She brought home the win, beating the next competitor by 40 seconds.  The badger is ready for another, and said she can’t wait to toe the line again in her favorite event!  Never count a badger down for the count…The badger always comes back blowing smoke thru it’s snout!

Fun. Fast. Fabulous.


Back on Track

30 Jan

Lisa Cary raced her first track meet of 2017, opening up with a 3k at Principia relays this past weekend. She ended up 8th overall, at a time of 10:45 which is off her PR for the distance, but continues to pick up speed week by week.