Shannon Penrod-Seidel

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Hometown: St. Charles

Profession: Special Education Teacher/Reading Specialist

Shannon Seidel  joins the Runnababez team as a Boston Marathon qualifier/finisher with an attitude that running is a lifestyle which takes balance, buddies, and bravery. Shannon obviously values a full life: she is a mom to Avery,8- and is a special education teacher; In addition, she loves to travel to marathons across the country. Shannon knows the role running plays in keeping her grounded, focused, and at peace on the daily but most importantly during life’s challenges. This attitude is seen through her consistent training throughout the calendar year. Rain or shine you will find her on the Katy trail putting in long miles with her BFF Jamie. We are super excited to have such a goal oriented, sweet addition to our team and can’t wait to see where her running journey takes her next! 

 Favorite Distance: Half Marathon

 Quote: “Running has taught me to always push forward, especially in the most difficult times”

 Best Running Memory: I ran my first marathon in 2014 (Saint Louis Go).  I had really no idea how I would run 26.2 miles. I set out on the journey with two friends and what I would call a bad winter to train.  (many long runs in the snow/ice). During the race, my goal was just to finish. I finished with a time I was proud of for a first time marathoner.  My family was waiting for me at the end. There is a photo of my dad, myself, my sister, and my nephews and it is one of my favorite photos I have. My dad is no longer with us but he has always been my biggest running fan and that picture reminds me of his constant motivation throughout the years.  


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