The Team

While Runababez is a team for ALL female runners, we do cater to the elite athlete as well.  Runnababez Training Team is the only all female training team in STL catering to post collegiate women distance runners who need support in pursuing their competitive running careers, but also the ones who are wanting to be competitive and working hard to hit their own PR’s to the best of their ability!  In running, if you are not one of the best 5-10 in the sport, you have little support physically and financially.  Unless you are sponsored by large shoe company, you are on your own!  So working full time jobs while paying attention to training and recovering is nearly impossible.  Our goal is to encourage these women who are on the cusp of huge break throughs, whatever they may be… to join our training team for support.  The power of the group is limitless as are our goals.  Coach Cary is here to provide racing guidance, and answer athletes training questions, and our team atmosphere will be there for you when life gets tough while training. .. We welcome runners who embody our motto…Fun. Fast. Fabulous! If you are interested in sponsoring or joining our racing team, please contact Coach Cary

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