About us

RunnaBabez Elite  promotes post collegiate, competitive running and supports ALL  female runners. Women runners wear many hats: runner, employee, student, wife,  mom,  and more.  RunnaBabez provides its website visitors with blogs, personalized coaching, and fun, fast, and fabulous apparel donning the original RunnaBabez logo.  Our signature pink horse symbolizes, passion, power, and strength.  We want to reach all levels of runners while supporting our elite team competing nationally throughout the year.  RunnaBabez Elite was launched in January of 2012, in St. Louis by co-founders Lisa Cary and Jackie Pirtle-Hall.  We believe that  women need a running  group  promoting all levels of running from the beginning 5k runner to the elite level marathoner that is focused in on building women’s competitive running.  Our hope is to provide running camps for young female runners just beginning their running careers during the summer and winter months.  We all have similar goals that are relative.  We all tie our shoes , get out the door, and put one foot in front of the other while juggling life’s responsibilities.  If your goal is to be a better runner and life balancer, visit our site and support our team.  Let’s get the RunaBabez logo and slogan out there ladies.  After all, we are all Fun. Fast. Fabulous!


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