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Runnababez Go For It!

10 Mar

Recently Jackie Pirtle-Hall toed the line of her 2nd Olympic Marathon Trials, she lined up ready to give it her all in Atlanta .  She had some leg pain leading into the race, in which caused her to alter her stride,  causing the other leg issue.  Her coach made her stop, at mile 18 right after her 2nd loop of a 3 loop course, she felt a pop or snap during race, which was a stress fracture.  Nevertheless, she was fearless, and badgered up with what she was able to give till that point.

Brooke Schulte was also in Atlanta, and  raced the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon, she ran the VERY hilly course in 1:36, to bust the rust off! And she also enjoyed cheering on Jackie and the trials runners.

This past weekend Jessica File and Courtney competed in the Creve Coure Lake Half Marathon that ran down to the Katy and back.  Jessica File ran 1:31 to place 5th overall women!  Courtney McDermott ran 1:34 to place in the top 10.

Fun.Fast.Fabulous. ~ RUNNABABEZ