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Runnababez Racing Recap

18 Nov

The Runnababez have been busy racing around town the past few weeks.  Diana Casanova competed in the Tunnel Hill 50 miler trail run, on Nov. 9th in Vienna, IL. This was a rough day for Diana in that she felt off, awful, and puked several times during this run.   She had an “off” day…  But, we all know how hard it is to finish even a shorter distance race, when off..! But Diana didn’t quit, she charged on to finish the 50 miler, and place 7th still overall!

This past weekend Jessica File & Courtney McDermott raced in the Jingle Bell 5k, in St. Charles.  Jessica File took home the win, for 1st female overall, 3rd including men in an official time of 19:29.  Courtney McDermott placed 4th female overall, 1st in her age-group at 5 months post-partum running 20:58.  (The course measured a bit long.)