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Runnababez Racing Recap

26 Jun

This past weekend, Runnababez did a lot of racing.  Things started off on Saturday, at the Grandma’s marathon in Duluth, MN.  Diana Casanova ran a very solid race in 3:21 and said she felt good at the end.  Lisa Cary ran her first marathon in several years after baby,  and said it just wasn’t a good legs day,  it felt rough, but trooped it in to finish.

Jackie won the Trails for Tails 10k, in 37:05 in St. Charles.  Amanda Houston ran her first 10k race after babies, and ran the Crystal City Moonlight 10k taking home a first place skeleton raptor trophy!

Go! 5k Results

17 Jun

This Father’s day Jackie raced in the Go! 5k, which is one of the fastest and most competitive 5k’s in the St. Louis area.  She placed second overall with a time of 16:55!  Fellow Runnababez Juli Stults & Amanda Houston, decided to get out there and test their fitness finishing in 18:24, for 6th place Juli Stults.  Amanda ran 19:50 her first race in a while, busting off the rust!

Runnababez Welcome Ultra Trail Runner Diana Casanova!

10 Jun

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Diana Casanova is an ultra trail runner extraordinaire! Diana has competed in numerous ultra distances over the years, including trail distances of 50k, and even 50 milers!  She loves the long distance and is quite good at it.  She has placed 1st female a bunch of times in the 50k and ultra distances, beating out a lot of men as well!  She is ranked as one of the top 10 female ultra trail runners in the country.

Recent Results & PR’s:

  • 50 mile PR – 7:33.04 – Tunnel Hill, 1st Place Female
  • The Hennepid Hundred – 50k – 1st Place Female
  • Frisco Railroad Run – 50 miler – April 2019, 1st Place Female, 3rd including men
  • Ozark Foothills – 50k – 1st Place Female, 6th including men