Runnababez Racing Weekend!

2 Oct

The Runnababez were busy racing this weekend!  Jackie started it off on Saturday racing the Miles for Meso 5k in Alton, IL.  A fun, but hilly race run part on cobblestone roads.  She brought home the first place women’s overall win in a time of 17:13!

Sunday, was the St. Charles, MO Cowbell Half Marathon.  Several Runnababez toed the line including Jessica, Lisa, and Justine.  The gun went off and they all ran their races well, helping push each other over the last miles.  They all finished within 35 seconds of each other!  Justine finished in 1:37.58 which was a 2 second PR!  Lisa finished right at 1:38 a P.P.R, finishing the half marathon, on the halfway mark of her being pregnant!  Jessica who was also helping pace a friend, finished in 1:38.31!

It was a great weekend weather wise for racing, and the Runnababez enjoyed it!

jackie   team cowbell


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