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Runnababez Racing Recaps

8 Jul

Over the past month a few Runnababez have toed the starting lines around town.  Today Jackie took home the win in the United Way 10k in Fenton, MO running 35:50, on a nice warm summer morning, good enough to place her 2nd overall men included!

A few weeks prior Jackie partook in the Go! All-American 5k, one of the most competitive summer St. Louis 5ks around.  She ran a 16:37 for the win, and also took home a traditional apple pie, along with some prize money!

Over in Peoria, Illinois Lisa Cary raced the Steamboat Classic 4 miler.  A famous road-race that draws elite runners from across the country.  It was a steamy humid day indeed, and Lisa found herself finishing in the top 25, at 18th place female overall. First place finisher was an Olympian for Burundi, Diane Nukuri…Fellow training partner “Runnadude” Fabian Munoz, who currently runs for Coach Cary training for Cross-Country at Lindenwood-Belleville, also placed 18th in the mens side.


Lisa and the top 25 women@ Steamboat Classic