Jackie Wins First Trail Marathon!

22 May

Jackie Pirtle-Hall won her first trail marathon this past weekend at the Berryman Trail Marathon, in Potosi, MO.  She was toeing the line with the race director and announcer saying, “It’s the princess of the roads. Do you know there is mud and creeks in this race?” Little did the race director know that was all it took to light an even bigger fire in, “Mama Badger,” Jackie begun her first trail marathon, trying out her new fueling system backpack and sticking in the pack of lead men.

After, half way however she decided to leave them all. Jackie took the lead, and won first place overall in the race, men included.  She finished with a new course record for women, breaking the previous course record by 14 minutes in a time of 3:32!  Jackie started as, “Princess,” but leaving the trail race as, “King!”

But, wait that’s not all…Jackie followed up on Sunday by racing the Zoo 5k, and winning that in a time of 18:12 a tradition race for her family, that she couldn’t pass up.

Jackie loved the trail running marathon experience, a “birthday gift” to herself, and is looking forward to more trail marathons in her future!  18582078_10154639031112897_6545947082975001483_n-1


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