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Lisa Back out of Steeple Retirement!

23 Apr

Lisa said she retired from steeplechase last year after what she thought was a career ending event injury…and somewhat listening to nay sayers saying she is getting too old for track… She jammed her heel bone into her calf bone in her very first steeple of last year in the water pit, just landing weird. She was training towards trying to hitting the Olympic Trials qualifying time in the steeplechase. Her injury however, took three months of repair work with Dr. Feder an amazing chiropractor, that even with all that work, was only able to run easy …and the faster she tried to run, the more it hurt.  Last year did not end on high notes…

Lisa didn’t think about re-entering the event until just now… After crazy life events,  after all that work to try and  qualify for the Olympic Trials last year.  She decided why not, why not come out of retirement in steeple, what did she have to lose?

Today, after mental and physical recovery of trying to push to be the best in the USA, she towed the line in Rolla, MO.  Starting line officials joked with her, “Saying is your husband ok with this?”  “Where have you been?” Lisa: ” Yes! I’m back out of retirement! Yes, everyone should be worried! Ha!”..From the gun, no hurdle training in a year, Lisa led wire to wire.  She brought home the win, beating the next competitor by 40 seconds.  The badger is ready for another, and said she can’t wait to toe the line again in her favorite event!  Never count a badger down for the count…The badger always comes back blowing smoke thru it’s snout!

Fun. Fast. Fabulous.