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Lisa Competes In Her First Half Ironman

16 Aug

Lisa Cary competed in her first Half Ironman (Steelhead 70.3) this past weekend. After coming off of an injured heel bone which knocked her out for 2 months in the late spring, while trying to qualify for the Olympic trials in the steeplechase, she found herself cross-training a lot to try and maintain fitness with biking and swimming.  She didn’t end up having enough fitness or time to qualify in the time needed for the steeple, so she thought why not venture in and try to complete her first half Ironman.

The national level triathlon, which draws people from across the US brought in 3000 competitors.   Lisa had a little over a month of serious training towards the Half Ironman, which started out with a 1.2 mile open water swim in Lake Michigan. Lisa completed the swim in 36 minutes. Right after the swim it was followed by a 56 mile bike, in which she averaged 20.1 mph.  This was almost as fast as she averages in shorter distance triathlons in the past!  This also happened to be  her longest bike ride ever, completing a 50 mile bike ride in training a few weeks prior…This along with learning she needed to consume much more calories on the bike caused some pretty dead out of gas legs for the half marathon run which was to follow the 56 mile bike. She said the whole run, felt like she was starting at mile 20 of a marathon.  Lisa managed to trudge on, but way slower than expected on the half marathon run, and badgered in to complete her first half Ironman, in a time of  5 hrs, and 31 minutes finishing 23rd in her age-group.  She is looking forward to “tri-ing” another! Who knows what’s next?!

Jackie Wins Flat 5 & Amy 5th!

8 Aug

Jackie Pirtle-Hall took the win home on the Fleet Feet Flat 5 mile this past weekend, which took place in St. Charles in a time of 29:15, and Amy Marxkors placed 5th woman overall in 33:45.  Great weekend for training!