Lisa Wins Steeple Season Opener!

5 Apr

Lisa Cary opened up her outdoor track season with a steeplechase this past weekend, at the Wash U Track Invite under the lights, Saturday night.  What better way to enjoy a chilly windy evening than get a steeplechase season opener out of the way?  During the race, while running one time through the water pit she landed funny,  and later found out she jammed her calcaneuos/heel bone.  Thank goodness for good chiropractors!  Dr. Feder fixed her all up and she is back ready to get after it.   There is never a dull moment while competing in the steeplechase, it’s all just part of the thrill, you never know what can happen when water pits & barriers are involved in a competition!   Lisa ended up running  away with the win regardless, leading wire to wire.   Lisa looks forward to more competition at upcoming track meets! All the Runnababez are gearing up for a big spring of racing a multitude of different distances!  Fun. Fast. Fabulous!



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