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The Hindrances & The Hunts!

15 Dec

Lots of action going on for the Runnababez over the past few weeks to say the least!  Two weekends ago, Jackie Pirtle-Hall ran at the California International Marathon,  attempting to hit the Olympic Trials standard of under 2:43…She ran a great race, finishing just short of 2:43 in a time of 2:45.13.


Jackie & racing friends before CA Marathon

Over the past week, news came from the Olympic Games committee that the new Olympic standard would be changing for the marathon race from 2:43 to 2:45.  Say what?! Jackie is now deciding her plan of attack, in trying to find a last minute marathon to get under the 2:45 mark, in which she is now only 13 seconds off! What race will it be?  That is all up in the air for time being as Jackie is weighing her options…  Jackie is no stranger to a last minute Olympic Trials qualifier, in fact it’s become a tradition we believe ; ) Back in 2012, Jackie qualified for the Olympic Trials on the very last day you could at the California International Marathon.  This time the marathon trials are not in January, but in February in Los Angeles, making the last weekend to run an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier  January 17th, 2016.

Wait. But, that’s not all!  More action…Mid-November Lisa Cary was out for a PM run and had a dog attack her, in which left her with a dog bite in her calf muscle, requiring stitches.  A few days later, she grit her teeth and forced runs in, stitches and all.  A month later, she is back training and ready to attack 2016 track races!  She did a rust/dog bite buster race a few weeks ago, at the SIU Carbondale Saluki Fast Start Indoor track meet. No serious training, and questioning fitness due to scheduled end of season time off, plus reduced training from dog bite.  She still finished first place in 5:04, an indoor mile PR.  Lisa also competed in the 3k, an hour or so later in which she ran 10:20.


Lisa & Tim @ Saluki Track Meet

Last weekend, newly minted Runnababe Rebekah Lawson raced her first race as a Runnababe, in the Frostbite 12k in Forest Park, MO.  Rebecca finished 2nd female overall! Rebecca looks to continue training and hitting the road races in 2016, alongside with her new team-mates.


Rebekah & Mom @ Frostbite 12k


Runnababez are some tough ladies, things do not always go their way, they aren’t afraid to put in the work &they certainly don’t let hindrances hold them back. Quite the opposite… They go into attack mode!  These ladies, are tremendously dedicated as they are talented.  Runnababez strive to keep balance within work, family, and the hunt to be the best runners in the nation.  They don’t look for it to be easy. They look to pursue and prevail. Running is much like life, full of ups & downs.  The Runnababez look forward to what lies ahead in 2016. It is sure to be an exciting year, with the Olympic Marathon trials & Olympic Track Trials pursuit in full effect!