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Heat, Humidity, Miles & Meb!

26 Jul

Runnababez have been busy over the past couple of weeks, racing & training!  Last weekend Amy Marxkors toed the line in a hot and humid Chicago, racing in a half marathon.  The heat and humidity, had Amy questioning herself in the late miles until that is Meb Keflezghi, Olympian and Boston Marathon winner came running up along side of her for part of the race, while pacing a group of runners.  Amy ran a great race, and can toss the time aside due to the weather conditions… besides, she got to run with Meb!  To hear more about Amy’s race, check out her article on it HERE.

Amy running at the Chicago Half Marathon

Amy running at the Chicago Half Marathon

Yesterday, Lisa Cary ran in the Bix 7 mile in Davenport, Iowa one of the nation’s most competitive road races.  Lisa coming off a PR filled track season, is just now getting back into the swing of long distance training, was going into the race feeling blah. She still laid everything she had that day, on the line.  Lisa battled hard with the heat, humidity, hills and world class competitors.  The field featured Olympians, Boston Marathon champs, & Olympic Trials competitors, with over a dozen Kenyans, Ethiopians, & Japan racers.   Lisa & the field didn’t have their fastest times due to humidity, but Lisa came away with one of her highest placings ever at the race with 8th American, 20th Woman overall.  Lisa also saw Meb, Bill Rogers, and Joan Benoit Samuelson racing at the race.  Two weekends in a row, Runnababez casually run & hang out with some fast famous runners who are now more like friends to them!  Ha!

Lisa at the Bix 7 Mile

Lisa at the Bix 7 Mile

But, that’s not all folks!  Amy Marxkors celebrated her 32nd birthday…What does that mean?  Birthday Cake?  Presents? Birthday parties?  Umm..No, not for this Runnababe, that means she wanted to carry on her tradition of running her age in miles all in one run…Yes, that means she ran 32 miles this morning to celebrate her birthday, fellow Runnababe Jackie joined in the, “fun” with a few other of Amy’s running buddies!  This is the 3rd year in a row, Amy has run her age in miles for a long run.  We can’t wait to see 80 miles, when she is 80!?

Amy's 32 Miler Birthday Party Run!

Amy’s 32 Miler Birthday Party Run!

Switchin’ It Up @ Newtown Tri!

12 Jul

Lisa Cary competed in the St. Charles Newtown Triathlon today, a 1000meter swim/20 mile bike/4mile run.  She ended up signing up day before, couldn’t really decide on whether wanting to brave swimming in open pond water with all the rain we have been having,  and no swim practices at all this year, she didn’t know what to expect.  After the end of a spring filled marathon & track season, Lisa took a few weeks of low key training, and cross-training to re-charge her mind and body.  Having just a few bike rides in her, that would be it for, “bike training” as well.  But,  Lisa decided oh well!  And entered into the elite field.  No stranger to the triathlons, Lisa was a former All-American Triathlete back in 2008, and enjoys now doing one every year for fun, while focusing on running goals.

Today Lisa entered the murky pond and got swimming, picking up right where she left off years ago.  However, she mis-sighted a buoy towards the end of the swim & she veered off course, which added on to her swimming distance.  Kicking harder,  to get back on course, she still ended up as 3rd female out of the pond scum!

Hopping onto the bike, she pedaled away on the 20 miles of country road riding & averaging 21.3mph. She was feeling the burn on her quads from not much biking and was happy to hop off the bike and get to the run!

On the run, the temps were rising, and Lisa’s pace was dropping on each mile.  Fighting hard to try and catch the next woman ahead of her, Lisa closed a 4 minute gap on the run but it wasn’t quite enough with the next woman finishing 20 seconds ahead of her.  Lisa had the fastest female run split of the day & 3rd fastest run split including men, with an avg. of 6:03 per mile! Overall finish, Lisa ended up 4th in the Elite Women’s field and had fun, “switching it up” with a triathlon!  Great job to everyone out there today!

Lisa Finishing 4th @Newtown Triathlon

Lisa Finishing 4th @Newtown Triathlon

Jackie Wins O’fallon 10k!

5 Jul

Jackie Pirtle-Hall started the Runnababez Fourth of July off with a bang.  She returned to the O’Fallon Firecracker 10k looking to defend last year’s title.  For the 2nd straight year, Jackie ran away with the win.  Winning by almost 5 minutes, her 37:23  set the standard for the day! We hope that everyone enjoyed their 4th of July holiday!