Meet the Runnababez: Juli Koenegstein-Stults

10 Aug


Meet the Runnababez: Juli Koenegstein-Stults

1. Name your occupation & what do you do on a daily basis at your job?Family Consumer Science teacher. I love teaching culinary classes and all the other practical arts FACS has to offer!

2. Name you favorite running route?Katy trail

3. When did you get into running?I started running cross country in 6th grade, and have loved it ever since! My dad is a runner, so I have always been a part of the running culture. I really got into running when I started running in college at Southeast Missouri State. I learned so much from my coaches and teammates. After my freshman year, I became so dedicated to training and racing – the feeling of working hard and producing results is what kept me wanting more. In so many ways, running has made me who I am today.

4. Which race is your favorite?Steamboat Classic in Peoria, IL.

5. Identify the distance you enjoy the most?My favorite racing distance is 5k, but I enjoy the short mile every once in a while.

6. Name your favorite food?I love so many foods, but I would have to pick authentic deep dish pizza – Chicago style! Or any dish at Katie’s Pizza & Pasta.

7. What is your favorite workout?Mile repeats.

8. Explain what motivates you to keep running?Having great teammates and feeling fit! Having a big race to train for keeps me going on those days I’m just tired. “Teammates (the RunnaBabez!)”

9. When you are not running, you are? Hanging out with my husband Danny and my cat Hankus, cooking or baking, planning new lessons for school, watching Andy Cohen and housewives on Bravo, and I recently picked up gardening.
10. State your future running goals? Setting some track PRs this winter and spring, and chipping away my marathon time!

Thank you so much Juli. We love you and are so happy you are a Runnababez- just the right fit 🙂 Can’t wait for the years ahead of us friend!


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