Meet the Runnababez: Amanda Albrecht

5 Aug




Meet the Runnababez: Amanda Albrecht

Throughout the next couple of months, we will present a Q&A session with each of our Runnababez. We are so excited to learn more about the ambitious interests and goals each of our teammates may share. Each babez is so unique and fun. Read on to learn more about the team and where we are heading together and individually. Our first babez is the beautiful, smart, and multi-talented Amanda Albrecht from Festus. We love her and know you will too. Enjoy. ☺

1. Name your occupation & what do you do on a daily basis at your job?

Special Education Teacher (self-contained/cross cat.) – I teach students in 4th-6th grade that qualify for special education services. What I do on a daily basis at my job? Hmmm…laugh! We have a lot of fun while acquiring necessary skills and my students make me laugh like nothing else. The students I service require and an alternative curriculum for core subject areas. They could be with me for 1 or 2 subjects up to the entire school day; disabilities range from moderate to severe. I am also the assistant high school cross country coach and middle school track coach.

2. Name your favorite running route?

Oh soooooo many favorites!  When you enjoy running you find many hidden treasures; all through Festus, the backwoods of R7, Crystal city out to the river, Al Foster, Katy Trail, Forest Park. I love running through West City Park in early spring to see all the babies (geese, duck, deer, turkeys, etc) and watching them grow throughout the weeks.

3. When did you get into running?

I started running in middle school because I wanted to get in shape for basketball and I just loved it. From there I ran at Herculaneum high school. My cross country team was my second family. We had so many adventures and good times together. I’m still close with many of them today. After high school I was recruited to high jump at ISU. My college coach knew how much I loved running but also knew it would be detrimental to my jumping. He told me at my first day of practice, “You are not allowed to run more than 30 minutes at one time.” This was then end of my distance running… for a while. After I graduated college I continued to train and tried to qualify for the Olympic trials in the high jump. I fell an inch short of the qualifying mark. I decided I really missed running and started running again. And have been running consistently for 2 years now.

4. Which race is your favorite?

My favorite race to run is the Rock n’ Roll half marathon. Probably because I ran my best half marathon time there, the bands, costumes, and crowds cheering. The most fun I’ve had at a race was Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago because we ran as a Runnababez team…everything is more fun when you’re surrounded by funny, fabulous ladies with so many inside jokes. Also, the course was super flat!

5. Identify the distance you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the half marathon distance. I also enjoy to flat out sprint in a 400m or 800m.

6.Name your favorite food?

I love to eat! My favorite thing to eat are jalapeño poppers! And pizza, I could eat pizza every day. Oh yea…and that healthy stuff.

7. What is your favorite workout?

I like doing 5 minute drills; you start at 1 min hard, go up to 5mins, back down to 1 min, and jog the time you ran in-between. It gets the mileage in and works on different speeds.

8. Explain what motivates you to keep running?

I am thankful to have a lot of inspirational people in my life. I just finished Powered by Hope the Teri Greige story and her story in itself is motivating. The Runnababez motivate me, the kids I coach in cross country, God, my health, and the pure freedom and physical ability to run.

9. When you are not running, you are?

Working. But for my leisure time I usually spend time with my wonderful boyfriend, friends, or family. Usually, hiking, shooting, going on some adventure, or just relaxing.

10. State your future running goals?

My goals are to just keep running faster. If I could PR in every race I ran that would be great!

Thank you so much Amanda! You define what Runnababez is all about; we are so lucky to have you as our teammate. Here is to many more miles logged- laughing and chatting the time away ☺ You are amazing!


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