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Track Initiation!

4 Feb

Lisa & Amy hit the roads this past weekend.  They ran at the prestigious indoor meet, Indiana Relays.  The day started off with Amy running the, “open,” 5k in which everyone  had to have qualified/ ran under 19:30 for 5k.  Amy was encouraged to jump in this  track meet for fun, by Lisa.  Amy has never run college track , or even high-school track.  This was Amy’s first track meet… She has never even seen or watched a track meet  live and in person.  Amy’s first track race! Amy made a  comparison of, “Track is kind of like hockey!  The sport Amy grew up playing…

Amy jumped in with both feet, and embraced the opportunity to try new things ( A road racer/marathoner at heart.) She toed the line with some of the best collegiate runners in the midwest.  Pretty good for someone, to be able to do that having never run track before!  Amy managed to tie her best ever 5k PR of 19:13.  She even by accident ran an extra lap!  In which Lisa continued cheering,”It’s ok you were done, this is just an extra glory lap!” Amy enjoyed the new atmosphere and challenges, and I believe it left her wanting more!  She learned a lot in the race, and it left her knowing she can break 19 minutes in a 5k!

A few hours later Lisa toed the line in the women’s invitational 5k.  The race like the open 5k went out very fast, everyone raging. Lisa held back a little, but couldn’t contain the urge to get into battle and came through the 200 at 36 seconds with the lead pack.  A bit quick!  She managed to hang with lead pack till half way , before fading , badgering, fading but still trying to badger while locking up.  Knowing not in peak condition, like the rest, Lisa saw this as an opportunity to work towards spring track steeple racing and practice pushing through the pain.  She managed to hold on for a 17:53 5k.

Amy & Lisa both know they can run 5k’s faster, but both pushed their own limits in different types of ways, and  both are in the middle of heavy winter training for spring races.  But, they both had a great time toeing the line, and seeing what they could do on a given day…Isn’t that the point of a race?  To see who has it on a given day?

Get after it! PR’s in spring = training in the winter!


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