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Amy Marxkors wins Frostbite Half Marathon!

27 Jan

Amy Marxkors won the Frostbite Series Half Marathon this past Saturday.  She also set a PR of 1:27:59 while in the middle of winter training miles!  Way to go Amy!

Fellow Runnababe Amanda Albrecht looking to get in some winter training, finished in 4th place in the half marathon.

Nice work !

Light the fire.

19 Jan


Happy New Year!  The holidays are over, and much needed down time taken, holiday fun parties, and festiveness is over now.  And yes, the much needed down time should now be over too…It’s always hard to take the first step to getting going again if you drifted away from your workouts.  But, the longer you wait the harder it will be.  So, start now.

It’s time to get yourself out the door and running.  And yes, out the door even if it’s cold, dark, and or snowy.  Even if it’s just once a week, it’s worth it to get fresh air outside.  It actually feels great once you get going outside in the cold, after 10-15 minutes if dressed appropriately it feels fresh and wakes you up!  Yes, it’s time to wake up.  Hibernation period should be over if you plan on getting after spring and even summer fitness goals.

Nothing is easy, nothing happens on it’s own, everything happens from working hard, and continuing to push through hard times, and  working hard some more.  As it has been said, “Life’s a ……?  Getting in some exercise first thing in the morning, is starting the day off on your terms, before the stress or hecticness the day may bring.

“I wish I had time to work out.”  Does this sound familiar?  Well you know what, no one really has time, everyone is busy.  Everyone has stuff to do whatever it may be, jobs, family, errands, school, cleaning, cooking, whatever it may be.  Everyone is busy doing something.  I have found the, “most busy” people also make time to workout more than anyone.  They don’t make excuses.  They wake up earlier.

Do you want to feel happier?  Do you want to get rid of stress?  Anxiety? Do you want to feel alive?  Do you want to get into shape?  Do you want to get back into shape?  Do you want a PR?  Do you want to have fun?  Do you want to get into a routine?  Do you want good health?

If the answer is yes…Look outside the box, step out of your comfort zone, and do something about it. Start with it one day at a time.  Get after something.  Think back to the first time your started working out or running, your best race, what got you started in the first place?  It’s the joy, it’s the passion, it’s the competition, it’s the comrades, it’s the social fun during and after, it’s the satisfaction of hitting a goal.

Light the fire!

~Runnababez (Lisa)