The Hits Just Keep on Coming

21 Oct

After a busy three week run of racing, this was originally expected to be a quiet weekend for the Runnababez. Amy and Lisa cast that notion aside as they toed the line for a pair of races. Healthy and donning the Runnababez Racing singlet for the first time, Amy hopped in her first race in several months. The brisk Saturday morning chill quickly heated up as she burned up the Chesterfield Valley in the 12th Annual Gumbo Flats Pumpkin 5k/10k. 40:53 after the starting horn sounded, Amy enjoyed cross the finish line victorious. Not a bad Runnababez debut for The Lola Papers author.

Meanwhile, just a county away, Lisa decided to hop into her alma mater’s homecoming “Race to be King” 5k. Racing through Lindenwood’s campus had to be a case of deja vu… although this time there was finishline, rather than a classroom, awaiting. Lisa took home top female honors with a solid 17:50 on the twisty and hilly 5k. Gotta be nice to ace another test on the stomping grounds, eh?

Lisa’s weekend wasn’t over yet. Sunday evening she was awarded the USATF Ozark Association Womens Long Distance Running 2013 Athlete of the Year Award. Lisa’s MO Cowbell Half Marathon victory a couple of weeks back helped separate her from a pack of athlete’s that all had outstanding season’s to earn her this award. Lisa was honored to receive the award from running aficionado and friend, Rich Anderson. The USATF Ozark Association banquet was a tremendous evening. It was great to see so many young aspiring athletes being rewarded for their hard work and dedication. The Runnababez looks forward to following many of the young women and men we met at the dinner. Congrats and keep up the stellar work.


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