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30 on 30…Happy 30th Birthday Amy !

26 Jul

Happy 30th Birthday to Amy Marxkors, what does a badgery Runnababe do to celebrate a milestone in their life?  Amy thought nothing better then to run 30 miles on her 30th birthday…All in one run.  Runnababez are crazy that’s for sure!  Cheers to another great year Amy!

Hope you are enjoying some cake now after all that running?!

Amy Marxkors and her coach Jake Goldsborough

Amy Marxkors and her coach Jake Goldsborough


Welcome newest Runnababy…Gwyneth Kate Hall!

24 Jul

Runnababe Jackie & her husband John Hall welcome the latest addition to the Hall family baby Gwyneth Kate Hall, yesterday on July 23rd!  Congratulations Hall family!

Lauren Hubbard 2nd in 5k & Lisa Cary 4th in Newtown Tri!

16 Jul

This past weekend Lauren Hubbard placed 2nd in the Race to Renew 5k, where she busted through her goal time!  Looking to build upon her recent training, Lauren should be busting through with a PR in the next month or so!

Lisa Cary looking to mix things up and have some fun, decided to race in the Newtown Triathlon 1000 meter swim/20 mile bike/4 mile run.  Not holding back,Lisa jumped into the elite field and found herself coming out of the open water swim as 3rd woman out of the water?! Trying to hold spot on the bike as best she could, she found herself running few back down to end up in 4th overall closing out the race with 24:05 in the 4 mile.  Congrats to Runnababez buddy Lauren Nystrom finishing strong also in the Newtown Triathlon!

Way to go Runnababez!

Lauren Hubbard 2nd in 5k

Lauren Hubbard 2nd Overall in 5k

Lisa Cary - 4th overall Newtown Triathlon

Lisa Cary – 4th overall Newtown Triathlon

XC Camp wrap up!

13 Jul

Thursday marked the last day of the Runnababez/Runnadudez XC Camp.  The campers started out with getting to learn and hear how Jackie, Andy, and Lisa got started in the sport of running and how they got to where they are today running wise.  They all shared one of the key concepts in their running…Running is a lifelong sport & pursuit!  Running is meant to be challenging, and to make goals and go for them!

The workout of the day was a color scavenger run!  They divided up into 2 teams, and even lil’ Sam Jackie’s daughter decided she wanted in on the running fun!

We wish the XC campers well in their upcoming seasons!  Continue to build upon the week we shared training!

Fun. Fast. FIERCE!

Tim getting the campers ready for color run

Tim getting the campers ready for color run

Jackies speaking


Andy "Kozi" speaking

Andy “Kozi” 

Lisa speaking



Day 3: XC Camp

10 Jul

Today was a little more recovery day after the intense workout from the day before. The athletes learned about various nutrition tips as well as sampling some GU energy gel and Sportbeans. After a solid warm up and some running form drills, they were off on an easy run along the dirt trails. After that the coaches had a Q&A session where all the athletes submitted various types of questions, putting the coaches minds to the test! They also got a live demo of how a positive mind set and negative mind set directly impact your performance with a smily face test – works like magic! The night ended with the athletes working on some lower leg strengthening (great for shin splint prevention among other things!). Great times tonight and we look forward to seeing everyone back again tomorrow night for the final day of camp! Happy running 🙂

Campers doing warm-up drills

          Campers doing warm-up drills

On the run!

On the run!


Easy Run Fun..

Easy Run Fun..



Q&A anything running...

Q&A anything running…


Coach Cary

    Coach Cary



TIm talking running psychology

TIm talking running psychology


Be Positive!  And Positive things will happen!

Be Positive! And Positive things will happen!



















Day 2 of XC Camp: Hard Workout & HEAT!

9 Jul

Day 2 of the Runnababez & Runnadudez Fleet Feet Camp brought the heat, but the campers brought even more to the teams of 2 endless relays workout!  They did a fantastic job, and had some fun as well!  Dr. Feder was the speaker of the night and taught the runners the importance of taking care of your body by preventing injuries with stretching and teaching about what exactly core muscles mean and do to make you a faster runner.

Fun. Fast. HOT. and Fierce today!


photo-20        photo-23

photo-19     photo-22

Dr. Feder of Comprehensive Chiropractic

Dr. Feder of Comprehensive Chiropractic












Runnababez & Runnadudez Fleet Feet Camp Kick-off!

8 Jul

Day 1 of the Runnababez & Runndudez Fleet Feet camp kick-off got underway today with campers across the metro St. Louis area from Perryville, Visitation, to Parkway West and much more!  These campers are ready to jump start their training, Coach Tim Cary began the day with teaching proper running form drills and how these simple drills equal out to being a faster runner. Then the campers got an easy run on a nice wood chip trail in the Chesterfield Valley, and a couple functional strength training exercises.  The  camp day’s key note speaker was Jackie’s Coach, Sheldon Webster.  He spoke about the importance of training your brain to accept the pain.

Experience has taught me how important it is to just keep going, focusing on running fast and relaxed. Eventually pain passes and the flow returns. It’s part of racing.”
– Frank Shorter

Runners listening to speaker: Coach Sheldon Webster

Runners listening to speaker: Coach Sheldon Webster


Coach Sheldon Webster

Coach Sheldon Webster

Jackie & Sheldon

Jackie & Sheldon