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Ragged Racing

31 Mar

Life is never boring when you’re a Runnababe.  It was a busy, busy weekend full of races.  The whole kit and kaboodle of races on the ole racing slate kicked off on a gorgeous Friday evening at the Washington University Invitational.  Coming off a big month of training, Lisa looked to build off of last week’s rust buster at SLU.  (Last week Lisa won the steeple at SLU with a new stadium record in the process). Despite coming in on dead legs, Lisa looked to work on more even pacing in the fast heat of the 5k.  With each mile clipped off within a second of each other, she was able to knock a second off her pr with a solid 17:16.46 good enough for 2nd place.

Lisa at Wash U 5kLisa after Wash U 5k pr

A bit stiff and sore from the previous evening’s race, Lisa lined up Saturday evening for her favorite race… the steeplechase.  The chilly, wet conditions don’t phase a Runnababe who’s about to plunge into cold water for 7 and half laps.  Taking control of the race only 400 meters in, it became a race with the clock.  Passing lapped traffic over the final furlong, Lisa took aim at the Francis Field stadium record.  Clocking 10:42.18, Lisa missed the track record by and agonizingly close .04 seconds.

Lisa steeple at Wash U

What more can a rabid Runnababe do in a weekend but join a buddy for an Easter morning bunny run.  Runnababez Lisa and Amanda drug themselves outta bed for the Rez Run in Crestewood.  The rolling 3.5 mile course brought out some prime time competition.  Lisa continued her marathon weekend with another race win.  Speaking of marathons, Amanda had a final 20 min tempo run in her training leading up to the Go! marathon next weekend.  What better way to get that one outta the way than to pull a podium finish at a super Easter race.  With an awesome last  half mile, Amanda moved up to capture 3rd place overall.

Amanda, Lisa, Mikey at Rez Run

What a crazy weekend of Runnababez racing.  After a great Easter full of friends and family, the Runnababez find out they’re on Fox 2 News.  As Lisa put it at the end… Happy Easter.

St Patty’s Day Racing… Runnababez style

16 Mar

Most people think of green when they think of St Patty’s Day.  Runnababez, ya they’re a little different.  Donning their bright pink racing tops, Lisa and Amanda were easy to spot amongst the almost 10,000 runners in the Michelob Ultra St Patricks Day 5 miler.  You had to look quick though, because they were rolling.  Blasting out of the gate, Lisa was up front dueling for the race win throughout the competition.  Only a year ago, Amanda was training in hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the high jump.  Now, as she trains for a marathon, she’s learning how to race things that last a little more than 10 steps.  Turning the corner on to Market with only 400 meters to go, Lisa had secured a 2nd place finish.  Only about a minute later, Amanda was focused on the pack in front of her and just walked them down by the line to earn her a fantastic 5th place finish.  Looks like the Runnababez held true to their tagline Fun, Fast, Fabulous

Lisa & Amanda Post Race

Lisa & Amanda Post Race

YOU can Have FUN as you RUN…

10 Mar

You may think in order to run faster, you must run hard everyday.  Or push yourself to the limits more.  Actually it is quite the opposite…In order to produce faster PRs/ race times  you have to run your easy days, EZ!  So, you can run your hard days HARD.  Why not make some of those EZ days fun?  The benefits of a fun run with some of your pals is ten fold.  For one, you get company on your easy run, and for the 2nd it’s great to catch up with your chicas and get a good laugh in!   The Runnababez believe in having fun with their running, isn’t that why you started running in the first place?  To Run, have fun, get in shape?  Why not have some fun, laugh, run in cool different places, make running fun.  Meet up with some friends, enjoy some coffee  or post run bagel treat.  Running is a lifestyle, and most runners are pretty fun interesting people to say the least!   For example, the group of Runnababez that ran together today, included a novel writer, teachers, and a business worker, who live across the St. Louis metro area.  All different, but all similar in their likeness as a runner discussing their weeks and escapades in the life of a working hard /training hard runner, interesting stories to say the very least ; )  The Runnababez ran together in the pouring rain and were laughing and talking the whole time!  To most that would not be the definition of fun (running in the rain), maybe not for them either if they chose to run alone, but they were together laughing, not noticing the rain.  1 hr can seem like 5 minutes with some running friends.  Why not link up with someone to run EZ?  Not every run has to be pedal to the medal.  Enjoy some fun time, girl time, buddy time, man’stime, etc. Learn to have fun with your running lifestyle and watch your times drop, and your laughs up!  Win. Win.

Fun. Fast. Fabulous!