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Blizzard Bound?

21 Feb

I got home from work early, I spent an hour driving a 15 minute drive?! Needless to say as a runner what would release some steam for me?  I went inside and put on some running clothes…I guess snow and sleet, and hail brings out the best in us?  I for some reason, thought today would be a great day to wear my most obnoxious pair of running tights, (neon green and blue)  I  layer on 3 pair of socks, and 2 long sleeve tops, and then one bright neon pink jacket, I am thinking better to be seen today then not be seen… bahaha!  I go out and pull on my yack tracks which are like chains on tires, rubber spring gripped things you pull on the bottom of your shoes to get better traction…The sign of a true runner in my mind ; ) (available at Fleet Feet)  I start out on my traditional running route from my house, and its blowing snow, then sleet, and I am thinking it’s not that bad if I could see… I keep running forward and realize ok its kind of bad, in most normal people’s minds they wouldn’t have even started haha.  But, what do I do?  I keep on running, I am like my face hurts only a little under my bacalava (face mask for running) I keep trying to run up the hill and would of if it hadn’t been filled with 6 inches of sleet, so settle for running laps in a church parking lot…Commuters are driving bye, one by one slowly…I act like I am normal, they all are turning and staring like I’m nuts, does this bizarre girl need a ride home?!? At that exact time I will sprint and then turn around and sprint again like I’m Rocky so they know I choose to be out here!  I’m not that crazy right?  I tell myself I’m just like a little kid sledding or making a snowman I love to play in the snow!   But ,I realize I am nuts.  I am wearing all shades of neon, and running to get in at least 20 minutes!?!  Like I am normal?!  Ok I ain’t normal, but the run is over and I had fun.  That’s what it’s all about ! Fun. FAST. WEIRD. FABULOUS!



USA Cross Country Championships – By Lisa Cary

3 Feb

The USA Cross-Country Championships took place yesterday in Forest Park at the central ball fields.  It kind of was a surreal experience.  I was racing the best of the USA distance runners in my hometown, in a park that I grew up racing in.  Forest Park was the first place I ran races post-collegiately just fun social races such as the Cross-country kick-off.  I normally have to travel the US to find races of this caliber, and even when we travel looking for this sort of level of competition it is very rare to have so many great runners bundled into one race.  It is very awesome when you have those opportunities in your hometown.  Yesterday was very cool, I toed the line against a bunch of Olympians, not just one.  I left all I had on the course, I don’t think I raced smart by any means.  I got out very hard and I look over and I am neck and neck with Sara Hall & Magda Lewy Boulet.  What went through my head was, “OH wow I better settle down!” Crazy as this was I hung with them for 1200 meters…And then I died.  I couldn’t move my legs anymore, haha I was just continuing to push through it.  I don’t normally race like this, and I was just trying to get out at the beginning.  Didn’t think I would get out that hard.  Oh well, haha it was fun.   I ended up holding on for 60th place overall, next US cross-country race I will hold back more and try to run the Olympians down at the end instead of the beginning…  It was a great race in STL!  But, I am very ready for track!

Magda Lewy Boulet, Lisa Cary, Sara Hall

     Magda Lewy Boulet, Lisa Cary, Sara Hall



Runnababez’ Rookie Amanda finishes 3rd in USA XC open 4k!

2 Feb

Runnababez start the USA XC Championships off with a bang! A big congrats to Runnababe Amanda for running a heck of a race this morning!  Amanda finished 3rd overall (unofficially) on the 4k course  this chilly morning in Forest Park.  She was battling between 2nd & 3rd place with 800 meters to go, and finished in 15:35 , in her first post collegiate cross-country race!

Way to run Amanda!  Fun. Fast. Fabulous job!

Amanda Albrecht - USA XC 4k

Amanda Albrecht – USA XC 4k