Runnababez Winter Clinic Wrap-up

6 Jan

The Runnababez winter clinic wrapped up today.  Another chilly day!  But the Runnababez, reviewed the form drills and then blasted a solid UCLA (sprint the straightaways jog/walk the turns)  type track workout in windy cold conditions!  The fun did not stop there, right after the speed workout the Runnababez went through an intense core workout, and a leg muscle stabilizer exercise.

We hope the Runnababez speedwork clinic sent the runners off ready to incorporate the, “Speedy lessons,” into their own training to, “jump start,” their hardworkouts and pave the path to their goals for 2013! The first steps are the hardest, and each subsequent, “Step” aka workout/speedworkout becomes easier and makes you feel that Runner’s high with accomplishment once you are finished!  Speedwork is always going to push you to put your best effort on the track, and will show up to help you on race day!   Great job today ladies!

“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson




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