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USA Cross Country Championships

29 Jan

The 2013 USA Cross Country Championships will be in town this weekend @ Forest Park – Central Ball Fields ( Saturday Feb 2).  Its amazing to think how incredible this is!  There will be numerous Olympians and world class athletes in town racing to qualify to represent the USA at the World XC Championships in Poland.  We’re talking about the best of the best right in our own back yard, running only an arms length away.  This is a fantastic opportunity for St Louis to watch a world class event, but also shows that we’re a world class town in supporting events such as this.  If you can make it, you really ought to be there.

The Runnababez will also be out to enjoy the festivities and partake in a couple of races themselves.  The day kicks off with the FLEET FEET 4k @8:30 AM.  Newly minted Runnababe, Amanda Albrecht will toe the line in the huge community race.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to run the same course the pros will later in the day.  See how your speeds match up to Amanda and the Olympians!  We’ve also heard that some of the Runnababez high school campers may be running in either the High School race or possibly the Junior race later on. This is a great way to see and race the next generation of Olympians!  The last couple races of the day are for all the marbles…  Runnababe Lisa Cary will be up representing St. Louis, lined up alongside  several Olympic medalists in the, Open Womens 8k with the gun going off @1PM.  Close to 100 of the top womens distance runners in the country will be vying to represent the US at the World XC Championships in the open 8k.  This is a who’s who of American distance running that Lisa will be looking to, “badger,” with to show them just how fast Runnababez are!  The tagline isn’t, “Fun, Fast, Fabulous,” Just for the heck of it!

Come out and support the Runnababez and all the competitiors this weekend.  We look forward to seeing you there!

See the link below to find out more info on all the events this weekend, for the USA XC Championships!  And also how you can enter a race!

Runnababez Elite pleased to announce sponsorship with Adidas & Fleet Feet!

14 Jan

The Runnababez are excited to announce that we will be proud partners and sponsored by Adidas & Fleet Feet for our racing season in 2013! Ready to Run fast! WE couldn’t be more excited!!

Fun. Fast. Fabuous! In our Adidas gear!


Jackie Pirtle-Hall Inducted into Francis Howell North’s Athletic Hall of Fame!

11 Jan

Congratulations to Jackie for being inducted into Francis Howell North’s Athletic Hall of Fame today!  See article below:

Jackie FHN Hall of Fame

Runnababez Winter Clinic Wrap-up

6 Jan

The Runnababez winter clinic wrapped up today.  Another chilly day!  But the Runnababez, reviewed the form drills and then blasted a solid UCLA (sprint the straightaways jog/walk the turns)  type track workout in windy cold conditions!  The fun did not stop there, right after the speed workout the Runnababez went through an intense core workout, and a leg muscle stabilizer exercise.

We hope the Runnababez speedwork clinic sent the runners off ready to incorporate the, “Speedy lessons,” into their own training to, “jump start,” their hardworkouts and pave the path to their goals for 2013! The first steps are the hardest, and each subsequent, “Step” aka workout/speedworkout becomes easier and makes you feel that Runner’s high with accomplishment once you are finished!  Speedwork is always going to push you to put your best effort on the track, and will show up to help you on race day!   Great job today ladies!

“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson



Runnababez Rough & Ready Resolutioners!

5 Jan

It was frosty, frigid, tundra of morning…Not a creature stiring, other than the Runnababez motivated to hit their resolutions and goals for 2013!  The Runnababez hit the track at 7am sharp ready to run!  Running and warmed up, the Runnababez went through learning proper running mechanic drills, to improve technique and increase muscle awareness.  After, the warm-up routine, the ladies took turn leading laps first clockwise, then counter clockwise on the track at the easy speed choice of whose ever lap turn it was.  This technique helps promote team bonding, and making sure to stick together and keep the pace easy on relatively easy days!

The Runnababez wrapped up the workout with a baby hurdle & speed ladder music packed jam  session, followed by a circuit that helped stabilize leg, core, and upper body muscles.  The Runnababez felt the cold at first, but later felt the burn!  Tomorrow the Runnababez  clinic runners will hit the track with a speed workout!

Fun. Fast. & Fabulously making progress to 2013 goals!

~The Runnababez

January Runnababez Clinic- Mid circuit training

January Runnababez Clinic- Mid circuit training

Clinic attendee Kelley performing the Excercise Robot !

Clinic attendee Kelley performing the Excercise Robot !

Christine & Lisa pumping iron mid circuit!

Christine & Lisa pumping iron mid circuit!