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The Mindset of a Mid-Distance Runner… Attempting to “Race” a Marathon…

28 Nov
I was going to do how I felt each day leading up to this marathon… but then this came out.  It’s more so a background snippet of what I’m coming from emotionwise and trainingwise previously. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put this out there or not, because it is sharing a fair amount.  My husband/coach talked me into posting it because it helps show that we all go through the same thoughts, fears, setbacks, etc.  Jackie and I haven’t gotten to where we are because things were easy.  We’ve triumphed over ourselves because we work hard and persevere through countless setbacks.  Anyway, here’s a little about me and my journey to the marathon…
The Mindset of a Mid-Distance Runner… Attempting to “Race” a Marathon…By Lisa Lewis Cary
This is a synopsis of my pre-race thoughts, and how I felt leading up to my 3rd Marathon ( St. Jude Memphis) with a background on how I came to this point, somewhat.  I blacked out the memory of my first marathon that I ran years ago in St. Louis (2008),  because it was nothing like I’d thought it would be and did not like my results.  I had just graduated college and thought the only way to stay running was to train for a marathon… I don’t regret it however since this is how I met my lover for life, my coach ; ) and husband!
Marathon # 1 was the GO STL MARATHON 2008: My first marathon training segment ever. I was still very bouncy, running less than I am now by a lot, and had no idea about pacing. What. So. Ever!  I went off like a bat outta’ hell every time a gun was shot, lol no joke.   I was lucky in meeting my “coach,” and future husband who did his best to help me learn about this not so new concept of “pacing” yourself.  He did the best he could with the time he had to work with me before the marathon.  I met him on my birthday Jan. 26th.  The Marathon was in April.  Needless to say, with his help and my own somewhat decent miles I put in beforehand with my Dad & tons of passion for running, I finished at least!
I love running fast, and feeling the speed!  However in a marathon you don’t get the same feeling as a 5k.  Point quickly learned.   In that first marathon I felt fine until mile 15 when my hip gave out on me, I stopped and stretched, walked numerous times, etc. I thought in my head NEVER will I run one of these again!  I will stick to racing 5ks, track etc.  I held true to that statement for 4 years…
In the years since that first marathon, I built up my mileage extremely gradually due to a history of injuries throughout high school and college.  I’ve had numerous stress fractures, a shattered foot (where one toe doesn’t want to touch the ground anymore even), Achilles tears, pneumonia, the Flu yearly,etc… not fun.  So, my coach/hubby took care of me, cleaned up my stride, worked on technique, and let me have fun racing on the track!  I never thought I could do that again after college!  Now, I look forward to it every year!  I got stronger strength wise and mental wise from all the training over the years. 
Just last year after track season, I thought I could now venture back and try and work on my long distance/endurance running with the goal of it helping my shorter track races.    I was going to attempt a marathon before 2012 for a trials qualifier, but we thought it would be a bit rushed and would suck too much energy out of training for track season of this year.  Looking back, I am glad we waited.  The training did lead to something more though.  In 2011, I started training once a week or every other week with an old college teammate from Lindenwood, Jackie Pirtle-Hall.  We ran together for a year or two in XC while at Lindenwood.  We both were looking for some camaraderie on the long run we did on weekends,  so we met up once and have been hooked ever since. Lol.  We “re-bonded” instantly and continued meeting every weekend gabbing, laughing, falling, and pushing each other forward to our goals. I’m so lucky to have a training parter in Jackie!  We have a blast!  We even came up with Runnababez while on a run…  Jackie went on and qualified for the Olympic Trials last year in the marathon and has won 2 more after that!  I was focused on the 10k and then later the steeple. Jackie had been running marathons and coming from more distance.  I was more coming from short faster speed and track races.  We helped each other in training, and we are PARTNERS in CRIME ; )  Hearing our talks, if you were a fly on a wall, or a spider on our sunglasses lol, would probably kill you from laughter.  LOL. 
Anywho, I had a semi small bump in the road last year though…  My asthma flared up on me.  Everything had been going so well, and I didn’t notice any Asthma. I thought oh I am fine and pretended that I didn’t have asthma (weird yes I know)… I had quit taking all allergy and asthma medicine which I definitely need and have been using since before high school.  What the hell??? is what I think now?!? HAHA!  So, about a month of not taking any of my medication that I should have been, I found myself literally sucking wind so hard on one of my favorite type of track workouts that Coach asked me after a few how I felt, because obviously the watch was reflecting a bad or slow time.  I said, “I feel like I can barely breathe.” But, that lasted for more workouts and weeks.  I finally started back all my medication and was able to get back to training normal.  However, I lost a little over a month worth of base that would have helped for the 10k I was trying to hit the Trials time in.  As I bounced back, Coach said we could go shorter and focus on speed and try maybe for my old event in college, the Steeplechase.  We were crazy rushed, in which I had only a few days of hurdle work before jumping into late season steeplechases.  I loved it though!  I kept knocking time off, each time out the gate.  I felt fast…Between the hurdles, not over them.  I looked probably like a flailing deer! I say I got close in qualifying in the Steeplechase for the trials (15-20 seconds away) close to me in my head, because I know how much time I still can knock off, from cleaning up technique over hurdles and in water. 
Ok ,so that brings us to Oct. 2012.  Since, being a track speedster late spring/summer I started putting in the miles and we were ready to re-attempt…MARATHON 2! Our choice, Wichita Marathon mid October because it was close, drivable, flat and low key.  What went down…Well let’s begin with the paranoia…I was paranoid in checking pace with a Garmin I would say every 15 seconds lol.   Which, I normally never wear or use a Garmin.  I was borrowing it.  I  kept checking it, and it would bounce around as they normally do, one second I would look down and see it saying 5:40 so I would slow down, the next I would see 7:30 and speed way the heck up…I was all over the place.  We wanted to make sure I wasn’t racing the marathon like a 5k and held back.  Unfortunately through my constant adjusting to the Garmin, I got a killer fartlek in.  I also tried and worried about too soon where I was in comparison to my competition.  I had sucked the juice outta’ my legs before even mile 10.  Then I had some more fun, my stomach felt pukey from 13-18 mile markers.  It didn’t like GU gels  today for some reason, my stomach wanted me to revoke it lol.  I managed to keep everything down, but I quit drinking any fluid in fear of puking.  So, my stomach wasn’t in the mood for marathoning that day, I would say.  Mind willing… Racing too soon, and stomach saying no more miles!! I finished once again (basically cruising the last 6-8 miles), but no where near what I thought I would be capable of…And only 5 minutes faster than the one I ran years ago with less training. WHAT THE HELL?!?!  Is what I thought, this PISSES me off. Right when I finished this time, I said , “OK I’m doing another one.” This was awful but I’m not going on a hiatus again.  Lol. My coach said fine, but I had to wait…I told him it took nothing out of me and I could run the STL one in a week.  He said no way. LOL.  Thank god  for coaches lol.  It had to be in December or wait till fall of next year, as to not affect our Steeple/track training.  I agreed.
That takes us to prepping for Memphis and this week.  More on that later.
Too be continued…

Great Gobbler

25 Nov

The Great Gobbler

Not only is Thanksgiving a day to indulge at the dinner table with friends and family, it’s also the busiest running day of the year.  More people compete in races on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.  Runnababe Lisa Cary was no different.  Hopping in the Chesterfield Turkey Trot for the umpteenth time, Lisa strode away with the title.  Around 3500 athletes toed the line on the brisk, breezy morning, looking forward to building up their appetite for the day ahead.  The enthusiasm carried Lisa through a quicker first mile than expected.  In the middle of base work, she ran her fastest mile in months.  Finding herself in a solid pack of guys, they pushed through the sneaky hilly course at a quick clip.  Fluctuating anywhere from 20th up to 10th, Lisa was able to hold on to 14th place overall.  Her 17:47 was good enough to finish almost 2 minutes in front of the next female.

Hope all our Runnababez out there enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Lisa along with Mens Champ & Runnababez buddy Mike Aitken


Runnababez hosting 2013 Winter Track Camps for HS Women & Adult Women!

14 Nov

Ladies, ladies, ladies!  It’s time to start thinking about your upcoming goals for 2013!  Let’s make those resolutions come true by getting started off on the right & the left foot…Running! Runnababez Elite will  be hosting a Winter Warm-up Weekend track clinic @ Francis Howell North  on Jan. 5-6th.  It doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in currently, the focus of this clinic is to teach you how to incorporate speed/track work into your training to hit your spring 2013 goals/resolutions! Let’s have a Happy & Healthy 2013, and start it with being a Runnababe!

(Attached are the flyers for the Highschool camp focused on getting them ready for track season, and the Adult flyer)



Marion Kandie 3rd overall at Vulcan 10k

6 Nov

Newly minted Runnababe, Marion Kandie places 3rd overall at the Vulcan 10k in Birmingham, AL this weekend running 35:47 for the competive road 10k while in base training.

Lisa Cary 2nd @Clayton Half Marathon

5 Nov

Lisa Cary strides to 2nd place overall at the Clayton Half Marathon on Sunday.  Working on racing longer  in midst of logging base miles, Lisa finished with a time of 1:25 on the hilly roller course.  Fellow runners also battling the hills were Michael Aitken placing 2nd overall in the 5k with a time of 15:36.

Clayton Half Marathon Expo Tomorrow!

2 Nov

Runnababez will be talking training & all things running tomorrow 10-4pm at the Center of Clayton, by Shaw Park at the Clayton Half Marathon Expo.   We will have sign-ups for our January Speed Clinics & Runnababez gear as well!  It isn’t too late to get signed up for the Half or the 5k tomorrow at expo to race on Sunday!  Time to be Fun. Fast. Fabulous!