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Runnababez Elite Welcomes Marion Kandie to Team!

29 Oct

The Runnababez are pleased to announce that Marion Kandie will be representing the Runnababez Elite team in her races across the Midwest & Nationally!  Marion Kandie is a former All-American from Lindenwood University. She, then later transferred to run for Western Kentucky University, where she qualifed for the NCAA Championships in Cross-Country.  Marion is a native of  Eldoret Kenya, currently pursuing her Masters degree from Western Kentucky living & training in Bowling Green. Marion recently debuted in the half marathon running 1:19 at the Cumberland Half Marathon in TN (10/12).  She has her sights set on big races in  the upcoming track season!

Runnababez looks forward to having Marion as a team mate out at the track meets for 2013 across the U.S!

Lisa Cary = Great Pumpkin

28 Oct

Runnababe Lisa Cary enjoyed a brisk Saturday morning with 1500 running buddies at the Gumbo Flats Pumpkin Run.  A little over 6 miles later, she ran away with the womens title.  Lisa was in a duel throughout for the overall race win as well, only finishing 14 seconds behind the mens champion.  Congrats to fellow Fleet Feet buddy Amy Marxkors for placing 2nd woman overall in the 10k. With the 5k and 10k athletes all starting and finishing together, it made for a fun, festive race.  It was great seeing so many people out there cheering on the runners on a chilly morning.  Also, a big congrats to all the NoBo folks that completed their first 5k.

Anatomy of My 1st Marathon By Jerren Pirtle-McKamely

24 Oct

Below is a narrative from a very special RunnaBabez about her  first marathon experience at the Rock n’ Roll marathon on October 21st, 2012.  I think all you marathoners out there will be able to relate to her experience.  It explains maybe just why we get out the door on a day-to-day basis and do what we do-run!  I am proud of my sister and all the St. Louis RunnaBabez! Special thank you to Jerren for sharing such a personal experience.

Anatomy of my 1st marathon

By Jerren Pirtle-McKamely

Holy Crap I am nervous!  The alarm is beeping in my ear.  It is 4:00 in the morning on October 21st.  It’s the day of my 1st marathon.  Holy crap I am nervous!  Am I crazy to try and do this?  I mean, my knee, my hamstring, they don’t like me on a normal day of just walking around living life.  How in the hell are they going to last through 26.2 miles.  A thought, a quote, from my sister….”Pain is temporary; quitting will stay with me forever.”  I will try!  I always knew I would, no matter what.  That is who I am, and I am proud of that!  I am also someone who likes to make my friends and family proud.  What if I bomb?  Of course they will love me anyway but, What if I bomb?  Hellooooooooo….you are sabotaging yourself.  Positive thoughts!  Positive talk!  My Gran and I are out the door and on our way to mom’s house.  I am so glad she is here!    As we pull up I see the big sign:  Jerren Kay Pirtle-Mckamely.  My dad, my niece Sam, and my girls Alex and Sophia have worked very hard on some signs to cheer me on.  It makes me smile.  My dad wants me to be happy about what I am accomplishing.  He always wants me to be happy.  I am a lucky daughter.  Once we are there we hop in my mom’s car and we are off to pick up my Jackie.  She has a VIP parking pass, so we know exactly where to go to park.  She is running the half marathon that morning.  I feel kind of like a child….”Jackie should I eat my power bar now?”  “Jackie should I drink Gatorade or water?”  “When?”  I am annoying myself,   but I am so nervous I can’t help it.  She understands.  She brought me some cytomax and told me to drink it 30 minutes before I start.  I choke down a banana.  I hate bananas!  Jackie and my mom told me they were a good choice for me to eat.  So I do.  Again, I will do whatever I am told if helps me survive this and not embarrass myself!  We arrive and park.  It is cold!  I am shivering!  I think it’s because of the cold, but I think it is also nerves.  We go to the bathroom.  Twenty minutes later I go to the bathroom again…LOL!  I drink my cytomax.  Jackie strips off her long sleeve shirt and heads up to the front of the pack…corral 1….I head to corral 13!  My mom and my gran give me a big hug and kiss, and they tell me they love me.  I am sure they are nervous for me;  I know they are.  I have been in their shoes!  The start is delayed.  Are you kidding?  Come on and get it going!  Ok. The gun has officially gone off.  The clock has started, and I am waiting and waiting and waiting.  They release each corral 90 seconds apart….I am 13, so I wait for a while, and then we slowly start to shuffle forward.  I am in a sea of people, and I am alone.  I like it that way.  I am ready to see if I can do this.  Corral 12 takes off, and we walk up to the start.  Lucky 13 the announcer screams into the microphone.  Huh, never thought about that.  And….I am off!  I turn my music on.  I am hearing Jackie’s voice in my head.  “Don’t push it too hard- especially with your knee and hamstring.  11 minute miles are good.”  Ok…I will fight my urge to surge!  Mile 1 down…10 min. 50 sec. Ok, I am doing what I was told.   I will try and continue to do that.  I have never been much good at that!  LOL!   I am already aware that my left calf is sending me a very subtle warning.  Ok, Ok…I will be careful.  I see a sign around mile 5 that reads “Tell your legs to shut up”!  So that is what I do.  I am really feeling good except for my left calf.  Maybe Jackie is right; maybe it is all in my head.  That is what I tell myself.  Just keep knocking them off:  Miles that is.  I carry a small bottle of water so I don’t get caught in any congestion for the first few hydration stops.  I’ve gone by mile 5!  I think this was when I am supposed to get Gatorade.  Or was it mile 7?  Crap.  Oh well, better to have it than to not. Mile 7 I take my first GU pack.   I am still feeling good and by mile 8 I distinctly remember thinking…Ok, 18 more miles.  What’s 18 miles?  You can totally do that!  You are a strong chick (I actually used another word, but I won’t write that due to the fact that I will share this story with my kids) LOL!!!!  I am also thinking about my family.  How will they look when they see me at the finish?  Will they be proud?  Will they be grateful for my sake that it is over?  I am always grateful for my mom and my sister when it is OVER!  I think about how ironic that is!  I wish I could call my mom and tell her I am not in pain, yet!  I know she is wondering, and I don’t want her to worry about me.  I look down at my Garmin.  Jackie is definitely done with her run.  I wonder how she did.  I hope she is happy with her time.  She is amazing.  Thank god I have her.  And then I think about my brother.  He has helped me so much with this goal.  I love training at Emerge with him.  I love when he tells me how tremendous my progress has been.  I think he will be proud of me.  That makes me happy.  Jackie has told me that she will ride the metro link and meet me at mile 20. I see runners who I have been keeping pace with pulling ahead of me a little.  I want to catch up, but I say to myself, “They are probably only doing the half.  If they were doing the full, they would NOT be pulling ahead of me”.  This helps me try and keep a reasonable pace. By mile 10, I am feeling the run, but I am not in pain.    My leg is the only thing that makes me worry.  I do start a countdown….10 miles till I get to have my sister!  I have decided this will be a good way for me to tick off the miles….9 miles till I get to have my sister…8 miles till I get to have my sister (she is meeting me at mile 20).  Now I pass mile 12 and I think to myself,  of the 5 previous ½ marathons I have done and how by this point I am so unbelievably thankful that I was NOT crazy enough to sign up for the full marathon.  This time it is different.  I have more than paced myself (with the help of a calf and hamstring that are reminding me I don’t have a choice).  I CAN go on.  As I continue, I see the cut off….Half Marathoners to the right….Full Marathoners to the left.  I am kind of proud that I am going left.  I think this is very close to the start line so I look around for my mom and gran.  I bet they will be around here somewhere.  I see them. I am so glad to see them.   Mom yells…”Looking good baby!” or something like that.  And there is my gran…cheering me on…and there is Jackie.  She starts running with me.  I am glad but also very aware that she just finished a half marathon at a very fast speed.  “How are you?” She asks me.  “I am good except for my calf.  How are you?” I ask.  “Did you win?”  “No” she says.  “I came in second.”   I can tell she is a little down about it.  I also know that she has had some issues with her legs lately.  She still wants to do her best. Her best and mine might be very different, but we still have that in common.  She is amazing I think to myself.  I comment out loud to her that I am not used to running with such a sparse number of runners.  When you do a half marathon at my pace there are tons of people around you.  It is a much, much smaller crowd now.   A couple miles down the road I tell Jackie that she does not have to run all of this with me.  I mean, I know I am slow but I still don’t want her to be in pain for no reason.  She says she is fine.  She looks fine.  I will find out later that she too had a few “moments” along the way.  If you are a runner you know what I mean when I say “moments”.  She helps me decide when to take water and when to take Gatorade.  Somewhere around mile 14 or 15 I decide to take more GU.  I make a gross joke about it and she and I laugh. I love my sister!  I am glad my girls have each other!   I am not sure when, but there is a point where my calf starts to go.  I feel the muscle start to ball up to one side.  I literally punch my calf.  It works!  Holy crap, it worked!  Disaster diverted!   I think it is around mile 17 when I see runners on the other side of the road heading back to the finish.  I want to yell…”I wish I was over there with you!”  I see a sign marking 22 miles on the other side of the road.  I think to myself, Ok 5 miles, which is nothing.  I also see a massive hill on “the other side” which is how I view it at this point, “the other side.”    Holy crap that is a massive hill.  I think that is the biggest one yet.  Forget about it.  Just the next 5 miles.  I really have no idea where we are running.  I am paying no attention.  I am telling myself I am strong.  Just listen to your music.  The pain in my calf seems to have successfully moved up to my hamstring.   Crap.  Now I am scared.  Mile 17 is one of the longest miles of my life.  Again, hard yes…painful…I am not sure if that is how I would describe it.  Maybe not compared to what I now know is to come.  I just know that the dull pain might turn to an acute pain any second if any muscle in my left leg decides to seize.  It is a long ass mile.  Just tick them off.  8 miles to go.  I am still keeping pace.  A pretty decent pace.  I say to Jackie a few times, “I am going to need to slow down a little when we come to the next hill” she says “OK” every time.   I don’t really every slow down that much. I look back and I have a lot of pride about that now.  I am testing my muscles in my left leg.  I think about my girls and my husband.  I love that they don’t care anything about running, but they know what I am doing is hard.  I am glad that my girls know their mom is doing something that is hard!  We round a corner.  It is “the corner”!  I am heading back in.  This does not really register for me because I am focused on nothing going on around me for too long.  I have brief thoughts about other runners around me and where I am running, but not for long.  I only become fully aware of the turnaround when Jackie says “OK, we only have a 10K (6.2) miles left.  Act like we just started our run and we are just out for a 6 miler.”   Cool, I like this idea.  Now for my head to convince my body.  I think it does for a little while.  I am ok.  Not great, but ok.  It is not supposed to feel great.  Mile 21…I think about all of my girlfriends…we have been friends for 21 years.  That is crazy.  I think about how I e-mailed them and told them I was dedicating this mile to them. (I have dedicated each mile to different person/persons in my mind).   I was so touched by their responses!!!  Their responses mean more to me than they will ever know.  I feel very blessed to have them in my life even if we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like.   We start to approach mile 22.  I hear a faint yell that sounds like my name.  Oh my god.  No way.  My friends Erin and Peggy have come down to cheer me on.  No way.  I can’t even explain how special that makes me feel.  They have also brought Debra with them.  She has lost 100 pounds and did her first half marathon 2 weeks before.  I was so excited for her when she did that.  I am so glad to see them.  I blow them kisses.  I have tears in my eyes.  They even made a sign….LOL…I LOVE IT!   A little adrenaline rush…Thanks ladies.  I am starting to really feel the hurt.  I don’t stay in that place in my head too long.  I think about my family waiting for me at the end.  I hope to God I see them.  I imagine their faces.  I hear them yelling for me.  I keep the pace.  I want to slow down.  It will be ok if I slow down.  I will still finish.  I want to slow down.  I keep the pace.  Mile 23!!!!!  There is now only a 5K left (3.1 miles).  I am pleading with the muscles in my legs.  My quad starts to threaten me.  I take my head phones out.  I tell Jackie that the pain is moving around.  She nods.  It’s normal.  I will make it.  I keep going.  Despite all of this, I continue to keep the same pace.  I am somewhere around 2 miles out, and I want to cry.  I just really, really, really want to be done.  I am not sure what I say to Jackie but she tells me that it is normal.  Embrace it she says.  The pain is what she is talking about.  Embrace the pain.  That might sound weird to some people but it was exactly what I had to do.  It was not going away.  I had to accept it!   Jackie tells me that some people go through this at mile 18 and they still finish.  Your body can handle it she tells me.  I am about to cry writing this.  I remember those words.  Your body can handle this.  It is strong.  She knows I am strong.  I am strong.  I can do this.  I still want it to be over so bad.  We keep going.  I know we are close.  I feel tears.  I have to get my breathing under control because I am so emotional.  I do.  I ask Jackie how much further.  She points and says, “Right up there around the corner”!  Oh, thank god.  My muscles are on the verge.   I hear the announcer.  This is it.  I am almost there.  I see my momma.  I see my momma and I start to ball behind my sunglasses.  She is cheering for me.  I am not sure if she is crying, but I see her face and it makes me feel very proud.  She is my mom!   She is proud but she is also a runner   mom, and she knows I am in pain.  I feel my hamstring.  No way.  It is going to go!!!!!!!  I mean it really starts to go!!!!!   I am less than 5 minutes from the finish, and I feel it start to seize.  I look at Jackie, and I embrace it.  I will crawl if I have to!!!!  I turn the corner, and I hear my mom running along the outside of the crowd as I go.  I can hear her…I think!  I definitely see her out of the corner of my eye.  I see the finish, and I pick up the pace.  20 seconds ago I thought I was going to have to crawl, and now I am picking up the pace.  There is my family!!!!!!!  I see them.  I see my husband, John, cheering for me;  I see my sweet Sophia waving a flag;  I hear and see my amazing Alex!  I see Samantha and she is cheering!  I see Jonathan Hall taking a picture. I see my Dad and my Gran!   I am streaming tears like when they handed me my babies for the first time.  Weird!  But I can’t stop!  Jackie yells “This is my sister”; “It is her first marathon!”  We charge and we cross, together!!!!!  I hug my sister and literally tell her to hold me for a second so I don’t collapse.  I cry and she hugs me in all my sweaty saltiness.  She points and tells me to get my medal.  They put it around my neck.  4 hours and 38 minutes and 57 seconds and I have run my first marathon!!!!!  Holy Crap!  I stop and talk with my friends Erin and Peggy and Debra for a minute.  I thank them for coming, but I don’t think that I could put fully into words how much it meant to me.  Now, I want to find my family.  I collect some of the freebies (I am my father’s daughter), as Jackie and I make our way to the end of the area where only runners and volunteers can be.  To be honest, I am not sure if I found them or if they found me, but then there they were.  Way to go…Yeah…Great Job….is what I am hearing.  I kiss my kids.  I kiss my husband.  I see my mom, and I instantly start to cry.  So does she.  She gives me a big hug.  She is very proud of me.  I can feel it.  I kiss and hug my dad.  I see that look.  The one he always gives me when he is full of pride and love.  I love that look.  I hug my Gran.  I love my Gran she is very special to me.  She is proud of me!   Family pictures happen.  My dad tells me that my brother has texted and he is very proud of me.  That is more icing on the cake.  Jackie goes to collect her award for being awesome and coming in second place in the ½.  I sit because I have to.  My dad massages my calves.   We start to walk toward the car. My dad hands me his phone.  It’s my brother.  I can tell immediately he has strong emotion in his voice.  He tells me how awesome I did and how he is proud of me.  I can tell he really wants me to understand that he thinks what I did was great.  It is amazing to know he thinks that.  I know he feels a little bad about not being down there (at least that is what I sense) but I tell him I get it.  He and Angie have two   babies at home.  I have been there.  It’s hard.  He is happy for me and proud of me.  That makes me happy.  As we walk to the car, I am doing more of a limp.  We decide to go to lunch.  I have brought another shirt to change into.  Other than that, I don’t care that I am yucky!  I really don’t care at all what I look like.  I am just feeling good and glad to be with people that I love more than anything else in the whole world.  Lunch is good.  Hot shower is good.  I am sore but in seventh heaven.  My in-laws, Ken and Sue, call and congratulate me.  That feels awesome.  They are always good at that.  My mom calls and tells me I have gotten 67 out of 155 in my age group.  She tells me again how awesome she thinks I did!  I owe my parents for teaching me determination.  Especially my tough as nails momma!!!!  I didn’t do too shabby. There were over 15,000 runners both male and female.  ONLY 1,700 were full marathoners.  That makes me feel strong!   I love to feel strong!  I post on Facebook my accomplishment.  I am overwhelmed by the response.  Amazing!  It was a good day!  I have a thought….”There is nothing in the whole world that can show someone how much you love them more than supporting their goals,  even if you don’t understand them!”   I am never going to forget that.  Connie e mails me the next day and congratulates me like she always does.  She asks me the million dollar question….”Will I do it again?”  “ For  sure!”  I say.  Not for the attention I got the first time.  I will do it just because it is a feeling like no other.  It is the feeling of overcoming.  I LOVE it.  It reminds me of a shirt I saw at the expo, “I love running, when it’s over”.  LOL! I just need my body to heal and then I will be out there seeking my next goal,   maybe Disney.  Most of you know what a Disney Dork I am.  They have a marathon.  Am I crazy?  Yes!   I have learned to embrace it!!!!  At least I am trying to.  Thank you running for all you have given me, taught me, and pushed me towards.  I am forever in a love/hate relationship with you, depending on what mile I am on!  I will never be the fastest or the greatest runner, but it will always help challenge me.  It is only about doing the best I can do in the moment I have.

Jackie 2nd at Rock’nRoll STL Half Marathon!

22 Oct

Jackie Pirtle-Hall Rock’n’Rolled to a 1:20 2nd place female finish at the Rock & Roll Half Marathon on Sunday morning!  Lots of fellow friends were out there racing in the beautiful weather as well!  Lot’s of first marathons, and lots of PR’s with thanks to the Fleet Feet water station & Mich Ultra pacing squad!


Rock’n Roll Half/full Expo tomorrow and Sat!

18 Oct

Don’t forget to come visit the Runnabaebz booth tomorrow and Saturday when you pick up your race #! We have hot pink Runnababez gear galore!  (Cash/Check only) You can also sign up for our track clinics for 2013!  See you at the expo!  Also out on race day! Get  Ready to Rock and Run!

Runnababez to Rock with Rock ‘n’ Roll STL half/Marathon!

12 Oct

Runnababez to be at Rock & Roll STL expo on Fri. Oct.19th: 12-7PM, & Sat.Oct. 20th: 10-5pm!  The Runnababez booth will feature, designer running apparel of all sorts, including our signature hot pink racing top, head bands,& more !  There will also be sign ups for our winter running clinics such as High-school Girls winter track warmup clinic, and Women’s specific Speed & Core clinic all to be underway in January of 2013!  Come have fun with the Runnababez at the STL expo when you pick up your race # on Oct. 19-20th.  Race day Oct. 21st!  Time to be fun. fast. & fabulous!

Runnababez 1st Expo & Jackie Wins MO Cowbell Half Marathon!

8 Oct

The weekend was filled with Running events for the Runnababez!  Starting out on Friday, the Runnababez were at the Mill’s Mall for their first expo debut at the Race for Lymphoma 10k!  Jackie took the  stage as one of their speaker’s and discussed key running tips and how to balance training in your life. The Runnababez had a great time and enjoyed getting to promote running in the STL community!

Sunday morning Jackie  jumped in the MO Cowbell Half Marathon, to get a long workout in, finishing the race in 1:20 to take the  the overall female win! Also competing across the country over in the land of sunshine, Runnababe Anielia Collette ran in her 2nd marathon, completing the Long Beach Marathon, with over an hour PR! She ran a great negative split race!