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St. Louis Mills Mall next Friday at 6pm: Race to Cure Lymphoma Expo

30 Sep

RunnaBabez will represent at the Race to Cure Lymphoma: both Lisa and Jackie will have a RunnaBabez booth at expo next Friday from 4-9 at the St. Louis Mills Mall.  Visit our booth for sassy running apparel, running tips, and training logs for your benefit.  Also, Jackie will take the stage outside of Cabellas at 6 pm – don’t be late!

Race to Cure Lymphoma Posts:  It’s official!! RTCL is excited to announce our line-up of star speakers for the fitness expo. Please welcome Go! St. Louis Marathon champion Jackie Pirtle-Hall and physical therapist and 3:10 marathoner Julie Bockermann. They’ll speak on topics that will improve your training, avoid injuries and find balance in your life. You don’t want to miss it!

The schedule is posted for our speakers! Check for bio’s on Jackie Pirtle-Hall, Julie Bokermann and Joe Company! They are speaking on some great topics and will surely inspire your training.

Miles of Fun @ Alton Miles 4 Meso Race!

24 Sep

The Runnababez had miles of fun over at the Alton Miles for Meso race!  Lauren Hubbard started the day off on a high note, with a First Place Female Overall title  in the Women’s open 5k race, clocking 20:40 for a very hilly, twisty, turny, cobblestone course.  The men’s race saw fellow friend Shawn O’neal finish first in his age-group (45-49) on his old Alton hometown stomping grounds ,with a course PR  of 18:36.

Lisa Cary lined up in the loaded, 5k women’s elite race, featuring top runners from Kenya & Ethiopia, and Olympic Trials Qualifiers.  She fought through her current aerobic base build-up phase to defeat some of them, with a time of 17:49 placing 8th in the international field.

The Runnababez had lots of fun at the post-race party that featured a pumpkin farm, hair spray paint, Gus’s pretzels, Mich Ultra beverages, & even a photo booth!

Runnababez Lisa & Lauren go 1-3 @ Fenton 10k!

8 Sep

A few Runnababez gathered up last minute to hop in the local Fenton 10k to get in a nice tempo workout and enjoy the beautiful weather, right in the backyard pretty much for Lisa & Lauren anyway.  The Runnababez did a sweep 2, of top 3 spots overall! Lisa won first female overall in a road 10k PR of 36:23.  Lauren Hubbard took home 3rd overall just coming back from battling a month long hip injury finishing in 43:04.  Even Lauren’s husband, fellow Runnadude Kyle Hubbard made it out and took home 2nd overall for 10k men!  Fellow fleet feeters were represented everywhere!  Good showing from Chris Braun who placed 2nd Male overall in the 5k.  Beautiful weather for racing and running today for sure!

Lisa & Lauren at the finish of 10k

Lisa, Kyle & Lauren

Chris Braun 2nd overall Male in 5k

Lisa around mile 4 of the 10k


6 Sep

Instead of writing a blog while in dead dog mode from training, I enjoy drawing, so did a quick lil’ sketch…Here is a lil’ blog/comic that was pretty funny in person, but a maybe you had to be there type moment…I seem to have quite the run’ in’s literally with nature/wildlife.  Last weekend, I was running with a ginormous spider attached to my sunglasses that was on top of my hat.  YUCK & YIKES!  Jackie casually tries not to scare me and get it off lol. I throw the hat and glasses off, and feel creepy heeby jeebies head to toe, and run around in a circle screaming, Jackie is screaming etc.  Then While I’m running in a circle screaming,  “Where is it!” She says its still attached via long thread spider web dancing off of my shoe like a fishing line with the bait being the spider, me being the pole!  WOWZER!  Anywho,  I can say while running on trails I have come across the following creatures, deer, squirrel, fox, vulture, chipmunk, spider, owl, & yes even turkey & their turkey babies. WOWZa I will save that story for closer to Thanksgiving! lol.

Runna-comic #1



NEW Runnababez GEAR! HOT for Fall RACING!

3 Sep

Runnababez is proud to release it’s new fall line of runnababez gear at the  Oct. 5th Race for Lymphoma expo…All tops will be on sale for $25~!  Come shop and get some hot pink gear for races, you will stand out in a crowd! : )

Run Fun. Fast. Fabulous, in Runnababez gear!

Runnababe Jackie to speak @10k Expo Oct. 5th

3 Sep

Friday, October 5th is the race to cure lymphoma expo at st. Louis mills. Jackie will be one of the speakers at 6:00. Come out and shop, pick up you race number for the 5k or 10 k oct. 6, and hear some great speakers from 4-9. Runnababez will also have a table with merchandise and training opportunities. Lots of energy here!  Lots of zest for running!  SEe you out there!