Last day of camp…Color run, situps, and good lucks!

19 Jul


Last day of the Runnababez XC camp started out with a “color run.” We separated into two teams Jackie & Lisa  also  were forced into particpation by the urging of Coach Cary lol!  The teams went off on their way to find the specified hidden color marker that was inside a cone, that Coach Cary hid throughout the park. The whole team then had to mark that color on their hand and the first team back won…A fartlek in disguise!  Jackie’s team won, but Lisa’s team wouldn’t quit playing even though they knew the other team won.  Talk about some determination and hardwork from both sides!  After that, we enjoyed some popsicles handed out by Jackie’s daughter Sam, who also decided she would join in on the situps at age 3! ! Jackie & Lisa might of had more fun than the campers this week and will really miss getting to hang out & run with the Runnababez XC campers, but will follow their progress throughout the upcoming year!  Best of luck in your upcoming season, new founded Runnababez!



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