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Olympic games underway in 3 days!

24 Jul

“The most important goal in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part; just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well.” — Olympic creed

The Olympic games are about to get underway, and we have several athletes from the Missouri area that are competing in London!  Brittany Borman a Festus high-school alumni will be competing in the javelin. She qualified for London on her last throw with a MONSTER throw, PR, and Olympic trials Record! She didn’t have the Olympic standard until that very last throw.  Talk about clutch.  The other thing that has hardly been mentioned was that it was her birthday as well.  Talk about an amazing birthday… how do you top that?  Crazy enough Tim and his Dad also know her and use to help coach her as a kid.  They were on the phone talking a million miles an hour to one another just seconds after her throw.

We also have Matt Tegencamp who will be competing in the 10k.  He went to highschool in Lee’s Summit, MO.  Matt competed in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in the 5k.  I ran college track a few years with his sister in law.  Strangely enough, I’ve been at the only 2 10ks he’s ever run.  Too bad I won’t be there to cheer in person for this one too.  It’s kind of fun linking how you know of several Olympian athletes…lol  It makes watching it more fun!

Christian Cantwell is the most decorated Missourian competing in the London Games.  The mountain of a man from Eldon, MO, and Mizzou has been amongst the best in the world for close to a decade now.  He earned a silver medal in the shot put at the 2008 games and just recently registered the farthest throw in the world so far this year.  Tim’s gotten to know him over years with all of the camps they’ve worked together at Mizzou.  There was a funny tweet that he had a booth at the Trials this year where he’d bellow, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”  Classic.

Chantae McMillan pulled off a dramatic finish in her event to punch her ticket to the games as well.  The Rolla native PR’d in the last 2 events of the heptathlon to earn her spot on the team and make the all important Olympic qualifying standard.  McMillan bounced back from a major knee injury last season to her jump knee.  The former long jumper had to relearn the event using her other leg.  The cold, wet conditions at the Trials made her performance all the more impressive.

2 Time NCAA 200 meter champion Maurice Mitchell rode the wave of success from his senior campaign in to the Trials and onto Team USA.  Mitchell blasted the curve in the finals at the Trials and secured a 2nd place finish in the process.  The Raytown South alum looks to continue to build on a resume that saw him win the Missouri Gatorade High School Track athlete of the year 3 times.

Another Missourian to make some noise on the international circuit over the past couple of years has been Mike Rodgers.  Mike graduated from Berkeley high school before heading to Lindenwood.  We were teammates for a couple of years before I graduated and he transferred.  Mike finished 4th in the 100 meters at the Trials, earning him a spot on the US relay squad.  As one of the best starters in the world, Mike would be the perfect lead off man for the 4×1.  Unfortunately, it appears Mike’s got a stress fracture and won’t be able to compete.  Knowing Mike, I’m sure he’ll come back fatser and stronger than ever.

There are many caliber athletes getting ready to compete at their best in a few days make sure you tune in and watch!  Should be some good races, and look for these few somewhat familiar faces, because it is cool to say they are from Missouri!  Way to represent!



Last day of camp…Color run, situps, and good lucks!

19 Jul


Last day of the Runnababez XC camp started out with a “color run.” We separated into two teams Jackie & Lisa  also  were forced into particpation by the urging of Coach Cary lol!  The teams went off on their way to find the specified hidden color marker that was inside a cone, that Coach Cary hid throughout the park. The whole team then had to mark that color on their hand and the first team back won…A fartlek in disguise!  Jackie’s team won, but Lisa’s team wouldn’t quit playing even though they knew the other team won.  Talk about some determination and hardwork from both sides!  After that, we enjoyed some popsicles handed out by Jackie’s daughter Sam, who also decided she would join in on the situps at age 3! ! Jackie & Lisa might of had more fun than the campers this week and will really miss getting to hang out & run with the Runnababez XC campers, but will follow their progress throughout the upcoming year!  Best of luck in your upcoming season, new founded Runnababez!


Day 3: Runnababez XC camp Circuit style!

18 Jul

Some of the Runnababez participating in the circuit

Day 3 of the Runnababez XC camp brought forth a quality run around Creve Couer Lake & a very good stability muscle focused circuit.  The Runnababez also had the pleasure of learning  from Coach Webster about having faith in your goals, your coach, and most of all yourself.  It was a great day of hard working Runnababez, really focusing in on having a great upcoming Cross-Country season.

Coach Webster giving great talk to campers

Day 2: Runnababez XC camp heats up the hills!

17 Jul

Day 2 of the Runnababez XC camp brought forth a scorching day, but the Runnababez heated up the hills with their blazing efforts!  They even managed to catch a grandpa on a two seater bike who challenged the ladies with a, “Hey ladies I’m gonna beat you up the hill!” I go well you guys better catch that guy and pass him, they did! HAHA!  The Runnababez  also got to try out and do a “GU / Bean sampler session,”  before we got started with the workout.  With one Runnababez camper claiming while running, “I don’t know what these GU’s did to me, but I feel awesome!”  The camp day was fun filled, and challenging, but they nailed it!  We ended the day with some sit-ups led by Lisa and a nice foam rolling seminar from Jackie.  Fun. Fast. HOT. & Fabulous.

GU/ Bean sampler session

Runnababez XC Camp Welcomes the future generation of Runnababez!

16 Jul

Today marks the first day ,of the first annual Runnababez Cross-country camp, we are excited to teach what we have learned throughout high school, college, and post collegiate running to our new future generation of Runnababez!  We are excited to see what this great group of girls will do with running throughout their life, running is a great outlet for stress, having a social run chat with a friend, provides structure in your life, getting in shape, staying in shape, and of course teaching how to  be fun, fast and fabulous!  Welcome to our world new Runnababez! : )

Runnababez Cross Country Camp 2012



Beep…BEep…BEEp…BEEP: Is This Healthy? Is This Normal? SHHH Get UP!

10 Jul

Beep…BEep…BEEp…BEEP: Is This Healthy? Is This Normal? SHHH Get UP!


     My life began to morph into one of a professional runner so to say. I remember four years ago reading a segment in Running Times about women who work and run on an elite level who had made it to the 2008 Olympic Trials. Specifically, I identified with the article on Heidi Westover. Probably because she is a teacher and so am I. The piece spoke about her extreme high mileage and training schedule (some say she has been known to run 200 miles a week) all while teaching children. I thought. She is lying. And while some may still scoff at her claim to high mileage, I focused on her 15mile runs she accumulated before her school day. I remember reporting to Lisa, my training buddy, is this girl for real? How can anyone get up that early, run 15 miles, and still have the energy to teach with the gusto and passion that our profession requires? The article of course rubbed this in my face even more by adding the detail that she did it again everyday after school. Forget that, all I wanted to do was to learn to discipline myself enough to set my alarm for 3:50am a few days a week in order to get my one run a day in before my family woke up and my day began. To me, there was nothing worse than giving 100% at school and then realizing I still had to go run 12 miles -at a time when I felt like zoning out in front of the TV or taking a nice, easy hike with my daughter Samantha and husband Jonathan.

And forget about night runs. Maybe that could happen if I were single. But, I was blessed with a family. Evenings for the Halls is sacred family time when I cook dinner, watch Sammy and her daddy run around and play in the back yard through the kitchen window, go for bike rides and walk, bath times and snuggles in bed for story time. The last thing I wanted was to have a run on my mind. I wanted to have it done so I could live in the moment with my family- not worry about all the miles that still had to be covered. So my decision was a simple one: you want to get better, you need to do more than 50 miles a week and you need to do hard! Oh, and you can’t do it after school or at nighttime. Oh and remember you have to be at work by 6:30 in the morning to teach a bunch of Jack Russell Terriers (I say that in a loving way). I told myself aloud: I want to get better. I will not settle for mediocrity. The decision is made: 4 am runs will have to suffice.

beepBeepBEepBEEpBEEP: WAKE UP! Oh my, how painful that alarm can be. As soon as you let your mind start rationalizing, you are in for disappointment, so don’t think, just jolt your weary body outta that bed. You’ll feel better the rest of the day knowing you can live in the moment with work and your family. That’s all it took to get me going. I stumble into the family room, grab my gear, and literally put it on while I am using the commode: I am not wasting one second of my time if I have to get up this early. I will multi task if I have to. I pull up my compression socks and slide on my beaten up mizunos – half the Katy trail is still on the darn things and I realize shoot, I’ve made a massive dirt trail mess in my house. Whatever, it’s 4 in the freakin’ morning! I realize both my sports bra and shorts are on inside out. Yeah-whatever again- as I release a massive yawn. I shove at least half a banana down my gullet and take two swigs of coffee for the caffeine that research claims is going to help my performance during this run…I need all the help I can get! The banana is hard to swallow but after a sleeping fast, I know my body needs to fill up the glycogen stores that are now half empty. I do everything right because, well, if I am sacrificing my sleep for this running thing, then I am not going to skimp on anything. I grab my pre-made bottles full of Cytomax and water out of the fridge, and I finally descend into the basement where I will commit the next hour and a half of my day to the treadmill. Well, here we go!

It’s Tuesday and I have been doing this morning run thing for about 9 months. Tuesdays are my hard days. I do a 15-minute warm up, 9xmile and finish with some fast 400s. After, I add whatever I need to get the mileage called for the day and finish off the morning run at an easy clip. I begin to squeeze every second out of the clock. I run until I literally have 5 seconds until the absolute latest time I can to get into the shower, chug my recovery drink, and start getting the family going for the day without it begin a rushed, stressful mess. I look at my log and realize – Jackie, you have been consistently covering 12-14 miles on Tuesday mornings. Remember when I thought Heidi was exaggerating. Oh my gosh, how did this happen. And so effortlessly. I am easily running 80 miles a week now instead of 50 and covering at least 10 miles at a time when I run in the mornings. All of a sudden my easy 6 became an easy 8-10. It’s funny how effort and performance improve so quietly when you aren’t trying to rush things. When you are just literally in each moment, each run, each day and all of a sudden something that seemed ridiculous insurmountable and funny is now your own reality. 9 months is not a long time for this phenomenon to occur, so understand that it can take years for your running to evolve to the place and time you want it to be. Put one foot in front of the other and have fun. Get lost in the journey and the passion of the sport. Feel the freedom that comes with moving your body, having goals, and feeling the exaltation of reaching those goals. Do what you have to do to make your training work into your lifestyle and commit to the routine. Note that I only get up three days a week before work because more than that begins to wear on me. But those three days are nonnegotiable and I don’t ever let myself rationalize or talk myself out of why it is not good for me. It works, I believe in it, and I’m happy with it. Find your routine and stick it! Trust me, you will reap the rewards and benefits. And most importantly live in the moment. Run FUN. FAST.FABULOUS. Go RUNNABABEZ!

Happy Running, Jackie 🙂


7 Jul

Calling all highschool and incoming highschool girl cross-country runners!  Come join the Runnababez for a week of fun, XC prep work, and runner theory focused speaker sessions!  Now is your last chance to grab a spot to work with the Runnababez Elite team, on your running before practice starts!  Jump start your training and be FAASST this year!  XC camp starts July 16-19th, 6-8pm at Creve Couer Lake off Marine road.  See you there!

Attached is the flyer please mail back in advance if possible so we can accomodate in advance the number of attendees.



Runnababez XC-camp-flyer