Jackie Wins Mo Cowbell Half Marathon!

10 Oct

Jackie won the MO Cowbell Half Marathon in a stellar time of 1:16.38, to take home the win in St. Charles, MO last weekend. She placed 6th overall including men. This was only a minute off of her best time ever in the distance.  Look for the Runnababez to continue lining up in the upcomgin fall racing scene!

Jackie Wins Miles for Meso 5k!

26 Sep

Congrats to Jackie Pirtle-Hall for  winning the Miles for Meso 5k, in Alton, IL this past weekend!  Jackie won by a commanding 17:18 on the hilly course beating the second place competitor by over a minute!  Look for her to this upcoming weekend representing the Runnababez at the Cowbell Half Marathon!  Fun. Fast. Fabulous!

Lisa Competes In Her First Half Ironman

16 Aug

Lisa Cary competed in her first Half Ironman (Steelhead 70.3) this past weekend. After coming off of an injured heel bone which knocked her out for 2 months in the late spring, while trying to qualify for the Olympic trials in the steeplechase, she found herself cross-training a lot to try and maintain fitness with biking and swimming.  She didn’t end up having enough fitness or time to qualify in the time needed for the steeple, so she thought why not venture in and try to complete her first half Ironman.

The national level triathlon, which draws people from across the US brought in 3000 competitors.   Lisa had a little over a month of serious training towards the Half Ironman, which started out with a 1.2 mile open water swim in Lake Michigan. Lisa completed the swim in 36 minutes. Right after the swim it was followed by a 56 mile bike, in which she averaged 20.1 mph.  This was almost as fast as she averages in shorter distance triathlons in the past!  This also happened to be  her longest bike ride ever, completing a 50 mile bike ride in training a few weeks prior…This along with learning she needed to consume much more calories on the bike caused some pretty dead out of gas legs for the half marathon run which was to follow the 56 mile bike. She said the whole run, felt like she was starting at mile 20 of a marathon.  Lisa managed to trudge on, but way slower than expected on the half marathon run, and badgered in to complete her first half Ironman, in a time of  5 hrs, and 31 minutes finishing 23rd in her age-group.  She is looking forward to “tri-ing” another! Who knows what’s next?!

Jackie Wins Flat 5 & Amy 5th!

8 Aug

Jackie Pirtle-Hall took the win home on the Fleet Feet Flat 5 mile this past weekend, which took place in St. Charles in a time of 29:15, and Amy Marxkors placed 5th woman overall in 33:45.  Great weekend for training!

Jackie Wins Go! Marathon! Amy sets PR!

13 Apr

Jackie Winning Go! Marathon

The Runnababez had a great weekend at the St. Louis Go! Marathon this past Sunday.  Jackie Pirtle-Hall & Amy Marxkors hit the roads for a 26.2 mile venture of the streets of St. Louis with several thousand other runners.  Going out under control and running very even,  Jackie quickly developed an early lead. As the race continued to unfold while the wind and weather worsened, Jackie still had a smile on her face as she climbed the Market Street hill.   Despite running into a wicked headwind over the last several miles, she made it look easy.  Working off the cheering from fellow runner friends,  she crossed the finish line, with her second GO! St. Louis marathon title (also won in 2012) in a time of 2:49!

Amy set out on Sunday morning to take down her marathon PR.  While Jackie was owning the course, Amy was running one heck of a race herself.  Settling into a nice even pace rhythm she found herself on goal pace as she started back from Forest Park.  Running up Market into the wind, Amy gave everything she had and came away with a new marathon PR of 3:09! Good enough to earn her a top 10 spot finishing as the 6th woman overall.

Both Runnababez as they crossed the finish line donned backward hats…Not planned.  Coincidence?  No, probably not. When a Runnababez digs deep, a hat might go backwards, gloves thrown off, bottles dropped, necklaces torn off, shirts ripped off, grunting might be heard, and smoke blowing through a snout, or as a quote has been mentioned numerous times while watching a Runnababez dig deep in a race.. “Sh#t is about to get real! ”

What will be next for the Runnababez? The question is more like, what won’t be next for this group of Runnababez?!

Fun. Fast. Fabulous!

Check out the article on Jackie’s win from STL Today.

STL Today Article – Jackie Wins Go!



Before the Marathon , Game time!



Amy mid marathon



Jackie running up Market to the win!






Lisa Wins Steeple Season Opener!

5 Apr

Lisa Cary opened up her outdoor track season with a steeplechase this past weekend, at the Wash U Track Invite under the lights, Saturday night.  What better way to enjoy a chilly windy evening than get a steeplechase season opener out of the way?  During the race, while running one time through the water pit she landed funny,  and later found out she jammed her calcaneuos/heel bone.  Thank goodness for good chiropractors!  Dr. Feder fixed her all up and she is back ready to get after it.   There is never a dull moment while competing in the steeplechase, it’s all just part of the thrill, you never know what can happen when water pits & barriers are involved in a competition!   Lisa ended up running  away with the win regardless, leading wire to wire.   Lisa looks forward to more competition at upcoming track meets! All the Runnababez are gearing up for a big spring of racing a multitude of different distances!  Fun. Fast. Fabulous!


Bunny Run Racing

29 Mar

Lisa Cary placed 3rd woman overall in the REZ Run 3.5 mile race, Easter morning.  This was her first race in several months, after coming back from a month long illness hiatus.  It felt good to bust the rust off, as she gets ready for some upcoming track racing!  All the Runnababez will be running rampant in the next months, on the roads & the tracks! BEWARE the hot pink!