Runnababez & Their Babez Race Macklind Mile~!

28 Jun

Last weekend Lisa & several Runnababez kids “babiez” , Lauren Hubbard’s daughter Payton (12), and TJ Cary Lisa’s son (3) raced in the St. Louis Macklind Mile road race. Lisa no stranger to the race, and past winner of the Macklind Mile, couldn’t stay away from the fun. So found herself to the start line of the Women’s Competitive wave running 28 weeks pregnant. She decided to go “easy cruise” to start and see how she felt at half way. She ran a negative split, picking it up the last half to run 6:24 in the wave. Payton Hubbard, a very good up and coming runner was fresh off her Blazer’s track season broke 7 minutes in the mile running 6:54!

Next up was TJ Cary in the Recreational Mile wave, he was very excited to run his first race with his Mom, after watching her run races, and himself playing and doing drills with his Mom & Dad, “Coach” around the house and track for fun since he was born . TJ had fun picking up and racing people around him, and found himself running the whole way, except for a water dump on his head half way. He crossed the finish line earning his first race medal, becoming the 1st official 3 year old boy to run a road mile in Missouri, and earning the Missouri State Road Mile record for a 3 yr old boy in 12:31! He joins his Mom, Lisa now in the Missouri State Road Race Age-Records book! He said he can’t wait to race again!

A very fun. FAST. Fabulous morning!

Lisa & TJ Cary
Payton, Lisa & Mikey @Macklind Mile

November Racing Updates

13 Dec

Catching up on a few November racing updates from some Runnababez… The month started off strong with Sarah Winter winning first place woman overall, at the Clayton Half Marathon in a time of 1:24 !

Monica won the Bellefontaine Neighbors 5k, for her first overall win in a race! Her friend Meredith completed her first ever 5k in the same race!

Lisa did the Kirwood Turkey Trot, placing 5th overall. That same week she later ran the 2 hr Turkey Trot Trail , in Rockwood’s Reservation Turkey Trail placing first woman overall in the event, which she finished 6 very hilly loops, is a trail she loves to run on weekly.

Happy Holidays Runners!


Courtney returns to Boston! Jessica 2nd in Half!

25 Oct

Congrats to Courtney McDermott who competed in her 3rd Boston Marathon. She returned to race in the Boston Marathon coming back after having her second baby a few years ago. She ran a very solid race of 3:30 on the hilly streets! She enjoyed some comradery with fellow running buddies from St.L as well!

Jessica File recently competed in her 2nd Half marathon this month, at the Go! Halloween Race in Eureka. She said she enjoyed the scenic course, and found her flow in this race picking it up the last 3 miles to run right at her PR for the half marathon of 1:29! She placed 2nd woman overall, and 9th including men!

Ironman. Cowbells. & Canyons…

6 Oct

What a wild endurance weekend for the Runnababez to say the least! We will begin by recap of Lisa Cary’s first Ironman Triathlon. She transitioned quickly from a peak of training for the mile/steeplechase Olympic trial qualifier races in track, to Ironman in only 16 weeks training. Coach told her it would be tight, but they both came up with her training to get her in great endurance triathlon shape relatively quickly for this Ironman. Lisa began her first Ironman in Muncie, Indiana… it was a long one 2.4 miles of a lake swim/117 mile bike/27.4 mile run all done in a days work! Things got underway with a two loop course in swim, complete one loop swim run across the beach for a short distance dive back in and complete loop 2. Lisa had a great swim, 2nd loop had lap traffic from people doing the half Ironman. She ran out to transition into the bike. Lisa said she was feeling good and at eaze for the first half of bike avg. around 19mph to that point…Then the pouring rain and wind came for the remaining of the Ironman. She pulled over multiple times to wipe her handlebars with toilet paper from pit stops so her hands wouldn’t slip, she was nervous, wanted to stay upright and not wipeout, so she slowed and took it easy to finish the ride in avg. around 17mph with hills, wind and rain! After that it was time to do a marathon plus run.. She was soaked, wasn’t planning on a down pour, shout out to Coach Tim to pull his socks off his feet so she could run in somewhat dry socks. He threw them over fence and off she went, hips tight from tense ride, feeling otherwise ok pending an extra hour in the saddle . Lisa kept clicking the run miles off, just kept moving, and tried not to stop at all for aid stations dumping fluids into hand held bottle. She found herself approaching the finish line 13 hrs later ,no matter what the rough conditions as an …IRONMAN! So, thankful for her support crew, of Coach-Hubby, TJ, Her Dad, Biking fool, and her dog Zato all made the journey to support and cheer, she ended up placing top 15 in her age-group in 14th place! She said she enjoyed the training/race and already wants another one…but with no rain ; )

More adventure for the sisters…Monica Lewis embarked on the trail running adventure of a lifetime this past weeked, completing 3 X half trail marathons, in 3 days in Zion, Horshoe Bend and more! Monica said it was, “The hardest trail runs of her life, but the most beautiful place on earth! She loved the adventure and challenge!

The weekend wrapped up on Sunday, in St. Charles with the MO Cowbell Half Marathon finishing on some of the Runnababez very familiar training grounds of the Katy Trail. Jessica File, and Brooke Schulte competed in the half marathon. They both finished within seconds of each-other to finish top 15 women overall , in 1:34 on the humid STL day! Fellow buddy Rachel, was also in town and ran the half marathon.

This past weekend was a cumulation of hard work, dedication, and commitment. It shows if you commit to a goal, you can achieve it. TO sometimes RISK it, for a big goal, or adventure as you only live once! The time is now. Go for your goals.

FUN. FAST. FABULOUS! ~ Runnababez

Lisa 6th Overall in Triathlon

20 Sep

Lisa Cary finished 6th woman overall at a competitive regional triathlon, 11th including men at the Lake Carlyle Triathlon in IL. The “sprint” triathlon was 750 meter swim, 12.5 mile bike, 3.6 mile run. This was her first triathlon back in 5 years, and was practicing going through transitions and making sure equipment/gear all good in the midst of heavy training wrapping up. Lisa dove into a warm lake swim, averaged around 19mph on the windy bike course, and had a strong run, but ran out of ground to catch a few ladies ahead of her.

Amy & Jackie go 1-2 punch finish in Marathon!

17 Sep

Amy Marxkors and Jackie Pirtle Hall ran together at a Boston Last Chance Qualifier race in Illinois, to place 1-2 within second, as they ran together! Both ran below 3 hrs for the marathon ! PR for Amy and a win, and qualifies them both well under the qualifying time for their age-groups for Boston! Looks like they had a good time as well ; ) Fun. Fast. Fabulous!

Jessica Wins 5k!

27 Jul

Jessica File raced the Race to Remember 5k in St. Charles. She won the hot and humid race in a time of 19:28, which also placed her 3rd overall including men!

Fun.Fast. Fabulous! ~ Runnababez

Red, White, and Runnababez!

6 Jul

On 4th of July there were many Runnababez blazing on the roads of the O’Fallon Firecracker 5k and 10k. In the 5k, they took the win as Jessica File, placed first female in 19:34, followed by Courtney McDermott who finished 4th in 20:22, with Jackie pacing. Monica Lewis ran a pace of 8:20 per mile to finish the 5k.

And the Runnababez also won the 10k! Sarah Winter won in 38:34 first overall! Congrats Runnababez, great runs!

Tipping Point

9 Jun

Brooke C. Schulte

I won’t bore you with the details or numbers of my running “career” (my imposter syndrome is blaring in my ears).

I didn’t run in high school or college. In fact, I didn’t begin running until my youngest was 6.5 months old, at the persistent encouraging of a then neighbor. I trained for (just made it up as I went along), ran my first half, immediately went home and registered for a full.

I. Was. Hooked.

Fast forward to now. I’ve been marathon training for 15 years. What worked for me 15 years ago, 10 years ago, hell even 5 years ago, IS NOT WORKING anymore.

I fought it and railed against change for so long. I found myself caught in an injury cycle for FOUR years. That’s a lot of tears and a lot of disappointment.

It is not until recently (as in maybe 5 weeks ago) that I was presented with a different approach. I didn’t want to. I thought on it and couldn’t wrap my brain around this new philosophy of training. You see, I was always in a rush. In a rush to heal, in a rush to the next race, in a rush to the next PR, in a rush to beat dreaded Father Time.

I finally realized, I couldn’t rush anymore. I needed my body to truly recover, whatever it took. The thought terrified me.

However my best good friend (coach Jackie) said she would help me through it. She was honest, ‘yes, it will be hard’ but also ‘yes, it’s worth it and you’re worth it.’

So, I took the leap. I’m a few weeks in and still have good days and bad days mentally/emotionally. Slowing down from my ‘go hard every single day’ and ‘no days off’ and ‘never miss a Monday mentality I adopted mostly in thanks to Instagram, has been so hard.

Learning NOT to equate rest with laziness, has been hard. But today was my 4th run day in a row. I haven’t done that in weeks and weeks. And, hold onto your hats friends, ZERO pain. No pain running, no residual pain after. In fact I feel great. It’s working! This time I’m not in a rush.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Just because I cannot train like I did when I was in my twenties doesn’t mean I’m less of an athlete. What I’m learning is change is ok.

Change can be good. Rest is important and I do not to need to punish my body to prove something to internet strangers who don’t really care. My friends don’t care if I don’t run 85 miles a week, my family doesn’t, my husband doesn’t. It’s time for me to not care.

Time for me adapt to a new process where my number 1, A goal is to be a happy, healthy, forever athlete.

Coaching Options/Prices

5 Jun

Fun. Fast. Fabulous.

Begin or RENEW  your relationship with running today. Get FAST. Stay HEALTHY. Get EXCITED. Sign up by emailing me Jackie Pirtle-Hall at


Support AMAZING humans to reach their full potential in running and life with clarity and joy. Plans are interactive & updated daily- providing an individualized approach. 


Payment set up through venmo – 1 month cycles – @jackie-Hall-121

99/Month 109/Month 119/Month

12 month commitment 6 month commitment 3 month commitment

Youth speed and agility program (2-3 workouts/week)

6 week commitment ($150/$25 week each additional week) 

Payment set up through venmo – 4 week cycles – @jackie-Hall-121

**If you cannot pay the full price due to income, let me know in your email–if we’re a good fit, we can make it work! 

Why do I charge when I love to do this stuff? I believe a financial investment and commitment to YOUR process are necessary to embrace the big picture process that will yield a NEWER LIFESTYLE and outlook in life. It also enables me to provide my time, energym and expertise with the promise to YOU to provide you with all that you deserve in developing YOU.

Meet the Coach: Jackie Pirtle-Hall (Marathon Road Champion/record holder, 2xOlympic Marathon Trials Qualifier, Fastest female 50 mile 2020, 8th female U.S. FKT 50 mile trail), Mom, teacher, coach, life-long adventurer. 

Coaching Philosophy: Anyone who knows me understands the mentality and hard work that goes into running fast times for VERY long distances. I’ve spent many exciting, memorable years training under the tutelage of some of the best coaches in the sport: grinding, sacrificing, and LOVING the process: All good things come to an end. I don’t like that! I want the party to keep going!  What I realized is that this party is just beginning- with A LOT of self care, love, and acceptance on the side. Just like my creamer and whipped cream- with a lil coffee on the side..ha!

You see, what worked in my teens, 20s, and even part of my 30s no longer served my health and happiness in life and running. The time came after suffering through a two year cycle of physical injuries that I had the courage to make a change – one that would enhance my well-being and the long term relationship I am committed to that is RUNNING.  I  learned that all relationships suffer from entropy unless I intentionally insert novelty and energy back into this long term commitment. 

What does this mean? An entire change in perspective and faith. From a RESULTS NOW  mindset to a self-love, patient approach that yields results naturally. Instead of show up, shut up, do the work- only then are you enough to feel GREAT and EXCITED on all (almost all) of my runs and workouts- walking away feeling just as ENERGETIC and wanting MORE. That elite attitude of I need to be spatulated off the ground in order to call the run successful served me well at times – especially with correct recovery, but it is not a sustainable approach when you are in a long term relationship with running. So, instead of MAXIMAL- I THINK OPTIMAL. 

Does this mean I’m now slow? HECK NO. I’m actually getting faster! Yes! Faster. Any exercise scientist can supply the data- the physiology, biology, and biochemistry of the WORK, Recover, ADAPT process, without forcing anything: paying attention to efficiency and biomechanics while allowing the body to recover thus adapt naturally is so MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and PHYSICALLY enhancing. Let’s look at it like going back to basics, a reset, a fresher & sustainable approach that will provide consistent training, efficient biomechanics, a stronger mind, body, and SOUL – over time – the “tortoise” wins the race with a Feed the Cats approach!

*While this may come across as a darn manifesto- the purpose is to understand my experience and approach in training you in gaining speed, agility, your first 5k, marathon or your next ultra-marathon. 

*Commitment –

1 -By signing up for any of the training commitments, you do so with the intent on fulfilling the minimum time frame. 

2 – My training commitments are  3 month+ or 6 month+ or 12 month+  

To cancel, email  for a request to cancel services.

3-Youth summer programs are 6 week+ commitment ($150/$25 week each additional week).