Runnababez Shine at Go! Marathon Races

14 Apr

This past weekend, a few Runnababez lined up at the Go! Marathon races. Runnababez had someone in every distance from 10k, to the marathon. Jessica File & Jackie Pirtle-Hall toed the line of the new marathon course that took them along a river path downtown. The two of them decided to run together, with Jackie pacing for the first half of the race, Jackie went on to placing 2nd woman overall in 3:07. Jessica File ran 3:15, to place 4th overall. They both qualified for the Boston Marathon with their times!

Sarah Winter toed the line in the half marathon, running a great race to place 1st woman overall in 1:22!

Katherine Ferguson, a new Runnababez ran the 10k to place 7th woman overall, and first in her age-group.



New Runnababe Sarah Wins 10k!

5 Apr

Congrats to “new” Runnababez Sarah Winters on her recent win at the Chesterfield Blossom and Bolt 10k. She won first place overall, men included in a time of 37:30! Amy Marxkors placed second woman overall. Sarah looks forward to racing at the upcoming Go! St. Louis half -marathon, along side several team mates who will be racing in the full marathon.

Fun. Fast.Fabulous!


Courtney Pr’s in Marathon!

14 Mar

Courtney McDermott ran a marathon yesterday as a part of the Creve Couer St. Paddy’s day race series. They had multiple different distances starting and finishing around Creve Couer Lake, her home stomping grounds! She had several Runnababez there to cheer or run with her for several miles along her 26.2 mile journey.

Courtney finished in a brand new PR of 3:18 which is roughly 7:30 per mile, she looked like she enjoyed her marathon, as much as that can be enjoyed! This time also again, qualifies her for the Boston Marathon. She ended up as 2nd Female overall, and 4th including men! Way to go Courtney!

Courtney in Creve Couer Marathon

Jessica, Courtney, and Rachel her support cheer crew babez!

“New” Runnababez Rachel, Crushes Marathon PR!

2 Mar

Rachel Zartman joined Runnababez in an abrupt year of 2020…Coronavirus. Nether-the-less, she bought into the training, the friendships, and the commitment involved to chasing dreams. She hadn’t raced in a while. But, she signed up to run the Atlanta Marathon. Rachel hadn’t raced before 2020 in several years, and hadn’t raced at a marathon distance in multiple years. But, she put in a very solid round of training with Runnababez buddies, and toed the line for her first marathon in a hot minute.

Rachel found herself, not only placing in the top 10 of the race. But, on a massive PR pace…Her previous road marathon PR was 3:59. Rachel ran an amazing race, after an amazing bout of training…to run 3:15! She placed 7th Woman overall in the race! Way to go Rachel! WE look forward to more amazing marathon runs in her future I’m sure!



Jessica and Courtney Go 1-2 in 5k!

22 Feb

This past snowy weekend, Jessica & Courtney partook in the Go! Share the Love, 5k. The course was on the Katy Trail…which was still covered in snow, making for cross-country like conditions of a race. Jessica File was first placing woman, 2nd including men overall in a time of 21:35. She was followed by team-mate Courtney McDermott who placed 2nd woman overall, 4th including men. These ladies didn’t let the snow ruin their racing plans, and enjoyed the run!

Runnababez Crush Cedar Lakes trail race

1 Jan

The Runnababez crushed 2020 by sweeping the field at the Go St. Louis Finish Line 2020 at Cedar Lakes trail race in Wright City early New Year’s Eve morning. Adorning “Spice Girls” cross country hot pink uniforms, the team warmed up laughing and chatting under the dark star-studded sky, but once the sun rose and the gun fired, each runner demolished the gnarly 5k course, typical for a late December cross country course. Jackie, Jessica, Dianna, Brooke, Rachel, Katherine, Sarah, and Keelin trampled through icy cold puddles, frozen divots, grass, limestone, and muddy meandering terrain. The experience was new and exhilarating to some of the team members who are mainly focused on the road marathon- proving once again these women can do it all, especially when they work as a team. Jackie Pirtle-Hall led the team as first female with all close behind: Sarah Winter 2nd, Jessica File 3rd, Katherine Ferguson 4th, Brooke Schulte 5th, Rachel Zartman 8th, Diana Casanova 9th, and Keelin Baine to zip up an impressive race on a cold 21 degree morning. The talent and depth of this team just keeps growing and we can’t wait to see 2021 performances of these speedy ladies!

Diana Casanova, Katherine Ferguson, Jackie Pirtle-Hall, Rachel Zartman, Brooke Schulte, Keelin Baine, Sarah Winter, Jessica File.

Lisa Wins Frostbite 2 mile!

26 Dec

One day post Christmas, bright, early, and cold in Forest Park Lisa toed the line to get a good workout in and run off the holiday cookies & yuletide cheer! Most people would prefer to sleep in day after Christmas , her alarm went off, she too didn’t really want to wake up and race at first… but figured get’r done. Carpe Diem. She averaged 6:02 per mile (garmin) which the race ended up a bit long today at 2.09 miles. She later found out she placed first woman overall, in the time trial start format – Frostbite series race.



Lisa 4th in Frostbite 3k

13 Dec

One week later after finishing a trail half marathon, Lisa toed the line in a time-trial race start for a 3k in the Frostbite series, used to knock out the crud in legs , with a good workout. Racing during a pandemic if able is often a race against the clock in time trials. Her race against herself and the clock, later found ranked her 4th in the race with a “PR” in the distance for the roads since the 3k is often not run on roads, in a time of 11:35. The top 4 women, later were found to be all 2-9 seconds apart from each other in standings.

Fun. Fast. Fabulous.


Lisa 3rd in Trail Half Marathon

9 Dec

This past weekend Lisa Cary ran in a trail half marathon, to stretch her comfort zones. The trails were in her neck of the woods in Wildwood Al Foster hill-sides by Rockwood Reservation, race went straight up on switch back trails. She enjoyed the challenge, and embraced getting to race during these times. Her sister Monica Lewis, finished her first half marathon distance in 3 years. Fellow Friend Shawn, “Biking Fool,” O’neal finished 6th in the men’s division. A good time had by all , but very sore after! HA!

Jackie Crushes 50 Miles!

16 Nov

Congrats is un – understatement for how Jackie attacked her first 50 mile race at Tunnel Hill, IL. She obliterated it. She obliterated any person around her. Granted it was smaller due to cover. Didn’t matter. She ultimately just challenged her self.

Jackie finished first place female, and her time at right around 6 hrs is one of the best ever for a woman at this distance. EVER. Her time at around 6:02 and change places her among the top 10 women to ever run 50 miles… Yes, that far! We couldn’t be more happy and hope she is enjoying some time to kick up them legs! We look forward to hearing her recap of this adventure!